The Second International Festival of the Improvisational Kinds of Arts
Odessa, Ukraine, November 26 - December 1, 1999




International public organisation "Association New Music", the Ukrainian section of the ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation (Odessa Branch) - Cultural Link programme


Participating Foundations:

Soros Foundation - Kyrghyzstan

Soros Foundation - Moldova

Open Society Institute - Mongolia

Open Society Institute - Moscow (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Novosibirsk (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Samara (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Slovenia


The festival "Art of Improvisation in the Contemporary World" is a holiday of all kinds of contemporary improvisational art including theatre, dance, plastic art, music and all types of their common action. The festival has the objective to revive in Ukraine this unique form of creative self-expression that is extremely important for creative self accomplishment of the artist. The festival's goal is defining possible ways and searching for perspectives of the development and linking of different improvisational forms in Ukraine and other East European countries. During festival days the observers will have the opportunity to enjoy performances, participate into spontaneous improvisation. All people may participate in creative fantasy master-classes where the artists will show examples of their spontaneous art.

This project presents 6-days festival of improvisational kinds of art: performing, dancing, musical (jazz, folk jazz). The entrance to festival events is free of charge.

Among the main advantages of the festival there are: the high professional level of participants, creative environment for communication and exchange of experience, opportunity for settling new contacts.

It is also possible to include the attraction of a professional photographer from Ljubljana and sociologist dealing with the problems of the development of improvisation in the contemporary world in the list of festival achievements. The pictures of the festival were placed in the magazine "Mladina" which is eminent in Slovenia and other countries. This promote popularisation of Ukrainian culture at the International level.

The festival was evaluated as successful and pretended to further development and broadening. Participants expressed wish to take part in such a project again.

Many participants supposed that the festival should be scaled up. Taking into consideration this opinion a conclusion of the necessity to hold separate festivals of musical and plastic improvisational forms was made.



November, 26 (Friday) | Arrival of the festival participants


November, 27 (Saturday)

17.00 Game 1 | Red Dress

group Slepye (The Blind), Moscow

Performed by: Anna Kuznetsova, Alexander Margolin

18.00 Game 2 | Music Improvisations

Roman Stoljar piano, recorder (Novosibirsk)


Roman Stoljar Suite For A Moment for piano solo | Meditation for recorder and tape | CREDO concerto for soloist-improviser and tape

19.00 Game 3 | The Game of Strings

String Quartet The Harmonies of the World, Odessa

Programme: Jazz compositions for a string quartet C.Porter, E.Garner, A.Joplin, X.Henderson, G.Gershvin, etc.

Performed by: Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Serhij Scholtz cello

20.00 Jam Session 1


November, 28 (Sunday)

16.00 Fantasy Workshop 1 | Dance Improvisation

A. Kuznetsova, A. Margolin

17.00 Game 4 | Word and Act

League Level 14, Odessa

idea: Ute Kilter, ╠│la BÓskayeva

v│dňţ: Viktor Malyarenko

costumes: Vanya Ren'

sound-design: ╩ţstiantyn Penchkovskiy

performed by: Ute Kilter, Artyom Golubev, Vanya Ren', Polina Fadeeva, Valer│a V│nogradova

18.00 Game 5 | Jazz Improvisations

Yury Kuznetsov piano, percussion (Odessa)

19.00 Game 6 | Jazz Performance

Kurmangazy Azykbayev saxophone, Kyrghyz folk instruments (Bishkek)


╩.Azykbayev Chochutma

╩.Azykbayev The Parad of National Instruments (chopo-choor, sybyzgy, chogono-choor, ooz komuz, zhygych komuz, nay, kuurnay, yshkyryk)

╩.Azykbayev Chymchyck (Starling) - saxophone solo improvisation

20.00 Jam Session 2


November, 29 (Monday)

15.00 Fantasy Workshop 2

Miha Zadnikar, Ljubljana

Lecture: "Improvisation as a radical political act versus improvisation as a way (art) of life"

16.00 Fantasy Workshop 3 | Music Improvisation

Roman Stoljar

17.00 Game 7 | The Portrait with and without Lady

Duo Cadence, Odessa: Olena Yergieva violin, Ivan Yergiev accordion


Liudmila Samodaieva Three Revelations

Vadim Larchikov Ave Maris Stella

Raoul de Smet Nocturne No.2

Violeta Dinescu Lun Yu

Yonas Tamulionis Per musica and astra

Karmella Tsepkolenko Far From the Crowd for accordion solo

19.00 Game 8 | A man is a box

Chamber ballet Arbore, Chisinau

music: Ulian Gogu, producer: Valentina Vareneva

performed by: Denis Tutunaru, Tatiana Erhan, Tatiana Bakaru, Lidia Kriange, Marina Vinogradova, Marina Zaitseva, Svetlana Zavaruhina

20.00 Jam Session 3


November, 30 (Tuesday)

14.00 Fantasy Workshop 4 | Actor's Improvisations

Davor Janjic, Ljubljana

15.00 Game 9 Dances │n Labyr│nth. Music performance

Duo Violoncellissimo, Odessa: Olga Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello, viola da gamba

and Igor Beliy clarinet, tenor-saxophone

│dea, v│deo: Vadim Larchikov


Jo Sporck Labyrinth

Liudmila Samodaieva Forgotten Dances ▓, II

John H│ngeston Fantasy │n d

Violeta Dinescu Improvisation

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Multiple I

16.00 Game 10

Mongolian traditional improvisations:

Long song | Piece for morin khuur | Yan taivan ogloo, Mongolian traditional song | Khuumii song | Long song | Ode to Altai Mountains | Ode to Manduul Khaan

Traditional music ensemble Ulaan Baatar

Performed by: Tsogtsaikhan Sosorburam long song singer, Sarantuya Batchuluun long song singer, Sandagjav Erdene-Ochir khuumii singer, Altantug Khaltar morin khuur

17.00 Jam Session 4


December, 1 (Wednesday) | Departure



Kurmangazy Azykbayev jazz-performer (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

Igor Beliy clarinettist, saxophonist (Odessa, Ukraine)

Miha Fras photographer (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Ulian Gogu composer (Chisinau, Moldova)

Olexander Golovin (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

Vitaliy Jelobkov performer (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

Davor Janjic stage & film actor (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Ute Kilter dancer, art-critik (Odessa, Ukraine)

Yury Kusnetsov pianist (Odessa, Ukraine)

Yury Kulbatov manager (Samara, Russia)

Vadim Larchikov composer, cellist (Odessa, Ukraine)

Victor Maliarenko videoperformer (Odessa, Ukraine)

Olga Ostrovskaya pianist (Samara, Russia)

Konstantin Penchkovsky soundperformer (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ludmila Samodaieva composer, pianist (Odessa, Ukraine)

Roman Stolyar composer, pianist (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Karmella Tsepkolenko composer (Odessa, Ukraine)

Valentina Vareneva produ˝er (Chisinau, Moldova)

Ludmila Volkova cellist (Samara, Russia)

Miha Zadnikar musicologist, sociologist (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Arbore Chamber ballet (Chisinau, Moldova):

Denis Tutunaru

Tatiana Erhan

Tatiana Bakaru

Lidia Kriange

Marina Vinogradova

Marina Zaitseva

Svetlana Zavaruhina

Valentina Vareneva


Duo Cadence (Odessa, Ukraine):

Olena Yergiyeva violin

Ivan Yergiyev accordion


League Level 14 (Odessa, Ukraine):

Ute Kilter

Viktor Maliarenko

╠│la BÓskayeva

Artyom Golubev

Vanya Ren'

Polina Fadeeva

Valer│a V│nogradova


Group Slepye (The Blind) (Moscow, Russia):

Anna Kuznetsova dancer

Alexander Margolin dancer


String Quartet The Harmonies of the World (Odessa, Ukraine):

Natalia Lytvynova violin

Leonid Piskun violin

Iya Komarova viola

Sergey Scholtz cello


Duo Violoncellissimo (Odessa, Ukraine)

Olga Veselina cello

Vadim Larchikov cello, viola da gamba


Traditional music ensemble (Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia):

Tsogtsaikhan Sosorburam long song singer

Sarantuya Batchuluun long song singer

Altantug Khaltar morin khuur

Sandagjav Erdene-Ochir khuumii