multi-media action on the development of improvisational art
Odessa, Ukraine, July 8-13, 2003



Tuesday, 8 July | Arrival of participants


Wednesday, 9 July

10.00 Press-conference

15.00 Dance-video performance Flashing

Performed by students of Odessa Choreographic college

17.00 Photo exhibition Virtual World by Oleksander Venitsky

19.00 Dream Game I | Musical Performance "FM"

Programme Folklore motives in contemporary improvisation

Narek Tovmasyan violin, Karen Badalyan dancer


Thursday, 10 July

10.00 Workshop 1

Lecture by Wojciech Widlak "Musical improvisation and painting"

11.00 Workshop 2

Lecture by Danielius Praspaliauskis "Travelling saxophone"

17.00 Piano Improvisation

Program Summer Dream

Performed by: Any Vardanyan

19.00 Dream Game II | Theatre Improvisations

Programme Gestures and movements

Performed by: Artists of "Theater on Moldavanka"

Accompanied by electronic music of Darija Andovska


Friday, 11 July

10.00 Workshop 3

Darija Andovska "The sight on the electronic music improvisation"

15.00 Exhibition Improvisation In Stones

Visit to the Art Studio of sculptor Natalia Marinenko

18.00 Concert "Travelling saxophone"

Performed by: Danielius Praspaliauskis saxophone

Jazz improvisations by works of contemporary composers

19.00 Dream Game III | Cinema Plus… Live Music

Ayaz Salaev producer

Ensemble of Odessa State A.V.nezhdanova Musical Academy

Igor Zakharchenko clarinet, Iryna Kamenetska singer, Evhen Dovbysh cello, Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano, artistic director


Saturday, 12 July

10.00 Workshop 4

Karen Badalyan Improvisation in contemporary dance

19.00 Dream Game IV | Video-performance Improvisational Laboratory

by Oleksander Venitsky and Roman Rewakowicz

20.00 Game Session by all participants of the Action


Sunday, 13 July | Departure of participants




International public organi˙ation "Association New Music", the Ukrainian section of the ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Financial Support:

Pro Helvetia Ukraine Foundation

Swiss Cultural Programme in Ukraine

KulturKontakt (Austria)

Foundation for the Promotion of the Arts Development (Ukraine)

"CIACAN" Charity Foundation (Ukraine)

"SOTIS" Advertising-Information Agency (Ukraine)


Information Support:

Odessa Regional Radio

Newspaper "Odesskiy Vestnik"


Improvisation is the unique in its content and extremely significant kind of art. Perhaps it is more than other genres further the development of artist's creative potential and self-realisation. The main feature of it is the absolute absence of creator's self-sufficiency, because the success of improvisational performance directly depends on the audience mood as well as on the performer's ability to feel and to display current situation in sounds, gestures and movements here and now. Performer and witnesses look like the parts of a single organism. They communicate and form certain emotional environment promoting performer's self-expression and strong emotional feelings of the audience.

The project is aimed at the supporting of the professional improvisation, special training and its popularization among all interested in people and setting new creative contacts and promoting the experience exchange at national and international levels.

Improvisational Dream is the combination of performances, workshops, experimental games in theatre, musical, and plastic forms of improvisation. Artists, musicians, dancers, photographers and sculptors from different Central and East European countries are involved in.

The program of Improvisational Dream contemplates the creation of open art environment for participants and audience and consists of the following sub-parts:

- workshops, lectures dedicated to contemporary art of improvisation.

- author's performances - introduction into the features of this direction and performance of actor's improvisational skills to audience.

- "Dream Games" - the author presents his work and shares experience in the improvisational technique.

- game session - sporadic joint improvisation of participants and audience according to the proposed idea.

Event took place in different sites: Worldwide Club of Odessities (Marazli street 7), Odessa Choreographic College (Zhukovskogo street, 47) and most part of actions were realized in Odessa Actor's Club (Bunin street, 15) and this fact is extremely important, because number of audience was enlarged in a such way. Besides, it is noteworthy that participants from different countries were impressed with Odessa as a true cultural center, where are various special sites for successful realization of such kind cultural actions. It should be mentioned, that there were no entry tickets and events of Improvisational Dream as well as the booklet-program were free of charge.

Average number of audience presented at performances was about 500 persons.

Artists, musicians, dancers, photographers and sculptors from different Central and East European countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland and Ukraine) were involved in. Participants and audience of the Improvisational Dream were brought together by workshops, experimental games in theatre, musical, and plastic forms of improvisation.

The total number of active participants - 30 persons including participants from Odessa.

Extraordinary creative atmosphere for communication and experience exchange were created. Artists, art critiques, performers and other interested in persons, who have wish to demonstrate their skills and to learn something new were invited. Audience and performers were joined by single idea to form certain open artistic environment promoting the maintenance of the creative atmosphere as well as performer self-expression. Actions provoked strong emotional feelings of the audience and interest in the improvisation genre is growing.

Special attention was paid to the trainings. There were young musicians, composers as well as pupils and students (in particular, Odessa Special Music Prof. P.Stolyarski Boarding School, Odessa A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy, Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, Philosophic Department, Journalist Department).

Interesting lectures and information about creative work were presented at workshops, where audience received updated knowledge about development of art trends in countries-participants. Students from Odessa Special Music Prof.P.Stolyarski Boarding School and Odessa A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy participated actively in these meetings that, surely, promotes the experience exchange between representatives of creative professions of young generation. Herewith must be mentioned program SUMMER DREAM - piano improvisation by young Odessa musician Any Vardanyan.

Significant interest was provoked by dance-video performance Flashing (Odessa Choreograhic college) and Musical Performance "FM" - folklore motives in contemporary improvisation performed. It has opened for Ukrainian audience the level of unknown culture.

Participants from all countries demonstrated the highest professional level of their artistic skills and shared experience. In the Dream Game performances were involved participants from different countries. Thus performance by "Theater on Moldavanka" (Ukraine) was accompanied by electronic music of Darija Andovska, composer from Macedonia. Video performance Cinema Plus… Live Music performed by Ayaz Salaev (Azerbaijan) and Ensemble of Odessa State A.V.nezhdanova Musical Academy (Ukraine). It was true creative work with the inclusion of improvisational technique and an example of application of some improvisational elements in the cinema and theatre production. These improvisation "dreams" were accepted by audience especially warm.

Video-performance Improvisational Laboratory (Oleksander Venitsky, Roman Rewakowicz) and exhibition Improvisation In Stones by sculptor Natalia Marinenko gave strong impulse and new opportunity for creative improvisation.

To all persons interested in manifestation of their skills were given chance to show it during total Game Session. At the same time, participation of actors in the Game Session proved that creative activity range is not limited by the single genre and artists improvised. Situation was reflected in voices, movements and gestures. Thus, students of Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Musical Academy were actively involved in final Improvisational Game. The performance was an example of contemporary improvisation given by professional artists. It has proved once more that such artistic action affects positively on audience and give strong impulse to the development of creative potential.

Journalists, representatives of newspapers, Odessa Regional Radio, other broadcasting radio companies and TV channels realized mass-media coverage of this action. Press conference was organized in the Worldwide Club of Odessites. Radio Company "Iryna" prepared special program. Besides, the most interesting interviews, articles and illustrative materials (photo exhibition VIRTUAL WORLD by Oleksander Venitsky) were prepared for the location on the website of the "Association New Music".

Participants of the Improvisational Dream expressed opinion about this action as a great international event being extremely important for the professional career and promotion of experience exchange

Work of the Organizing Committee was highly evaluated by participants and mass-media. Public opinion is positive as well.

Thus the realization of given project promoted the development of the impovizational art and appealed public attention towards unique improvisation art.