International Music Information Forum
(round-table conference and festival)
Odessa, Ukraine, December 1-3, 2000



Mikhail Kokzhaev composer, professor at the Yerevan Conservatoire

Narek Tovmasian coordinator of the festival information centre



Afet Mamedova musicologist, Director of New Music Centre

Elmir Mirzoev composer, Director of Initiative Centre of New Music



Jan Jaspers managing Director of the Flanders Music Centre


Czech Republic

Miroslav Pudlak composer, President of ISCM section of the Czech Republic, Director of the MIC of the Czech Republic



Mare Poldmae musicologist, Director of the MIC of Estonia



Pekka Hako musicologist, ex-Director of the MIC of Finland



Natela Mamaladze musicologist, Director of the Georgian MIC



Àleksandr Samarkin musicologist, Vice-Rector of the Almaty State Kurmangazy Conservatoire



Daiva Parulskiene director of the Lithuanian MIC



Vladimir Beleaev composer, President of the Moldova ISCM Section

Pavel Rivilis composer, professor at the Chisinau Music Academy

Iulia Rivilis pianist

  Piano Duo:

Anatolii Lapicus pianist

Iurii Mahovici pianist



Stanislav Czopovicz director of the Poland MIC

Anna Dorota Wladyczka musicologist, president of the Polish ISCM section

Barbara Zwolska director MIC Warsaw



Nicolae Brindus composer, President of the Romanian ISCM Section



Margarita Esipova musicologist, editor of the Bolshaya Rossijykaya Entsyklopediya Publishing House

Anton Rovner composer, musicologist

Vladimir Shilov musicologist



Ol'ga Smetanova musicologist, Director of the Slovakian MIC



Roland Sandberg Director of the Swedish MIC



Julia Gomelskaya composer (Odessa, Ukraine)

Jozsef Ormeny pianist (Lviv, Ukraine)

Serhij Piliutikov composer, Artistic Director of the Ensemble Ricochet

Oleksandr Rovenko musicologist, Vice-Rector of Odessa State Nezhdanova Conservatoire (Odessa, Ukraine)

Iouri Semenov musicologist, Director of the ̲C Odessa Ukraine, editor-in-chief of the Internet-journal Musica Ukrainica (Odessa, Ukraine)

Karmella Tsepkolenko composer, President of the Association New Music (Ukrainian ISCM section), Artistic Director of the Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Odessa, Ukraine)

Oleksandr Perepelytsya Director of the Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Odessa, Ukraine)

  Ensemble Ricochet (Kyiv, Ukraine):

Dmytro Medolyz flute

Vitalij Alfavyts'kyj clarinet

Mykhailo Bilytch violin

Zoltan Almashi cello

Roman Repka piano

Vitalij Protasov conductor

Serhij Piliutikov artistic director

  Ensemble The Harmonies of the World (Odessa, Ukraine):

Natalia Litvinova violin

Leonid Piskun violin

Ija Komarova viola

Serhij Scholtz cello

Volodymyr Tomashchuk clarinet

  Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (Odessa, Ukraine)

Artistic Director Ihor Shavruk

  Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra (Odessa, Ukraine)

Artistic Director Hobart Earl



Idea, artistic conception and implementation of the project:

International public organization Association New Music (the Ukrainian section of the ISCM), President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Author and manager of the project:

Iouri Semenov


Financially supported by:

Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, Reseaux Est-Ouest

Pro Helvetia - Ukraine

International Renaissance Foundation


Informational support:

Odessa Regional Radio Iryna and Radio na Troyitsky (Ukraine)

Radio Garmoniya Mira, Odessa (Ukraine)

TV Company Most, Odessa (Ukraine)

Journal Vecherniaya Odessa


The forum has two wings: a round-table conference and festival of New Music, including a number of various actions (performances, concerts, audio- and video-actions, meetings, press-conferences, round-tables). The forum aims at presenting the MIC Odessa Ukraine of the Association New Music and contemporary Ukrainian music (composers and performers) to international networks of MICs and other organizations as well as to larger circles of Ukrainian public in order to foster development of New Music and integration of Ukraine to the worldwide cultural, particularly music informational space.

The Forum programme consists of two wings: round-table conference and festival, the both including a number of various actions (performances, concerts, audio- and video-actions, meetings, press-conferences, round-tables, etc).

Among the participants in round-table conference of the Forum there are representatives of well-known and important institutions and organizations from more than 10 countries. The Agenda includes such questions as use of multimedia and Internet resources, especially data bases and Internet journals; release of CDs with New Music; development of New Music festival movement in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, particularly perspectives of network programmes; etc.

Despite its short duration, the Forum presents 3-day festival with the program of New Music works by contemporary composers of different generations performed by Ukrainian and foreign performers and groups. Mainly, there are works by Ukrainian composers, but also by composers from other countries - France, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Switzerland.

It is especially important that the Forum's festival events show composers and performers from various regions and centres of Ukraine - the West (Lviv, Transcarpathian region), the East (Kharkiv), the South (Odessa), and the capital Kiev. For the first time the Association New Music presents Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra along with Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, several ensembles and soloists.



December 1, FRIDAY

10.00 Opening of the conference

10.30 About music informational resources in Ukraine

Iouri Semenov (Ukraine)

11.00 About music informational resources in Central and Eastern Europe:

Mare Poldmae (Estonia), Miroslav Pudlak (Czech Republic), Ol'ga Smetanova (Slovakia), Anna Dorota Wladyczka (Poland)

12.00 Round-Table I

Music and Informational Society (data bases, Internet resources, CDs' release, festival movement)

15.00 Excursion to Odessa musical institutions

17.00 Piano Recital

Jozsef Ormeny (Lviv, Ukraine)


Valentin Silvestrov Sonata No.2 (1975)

Ihor Shcherbakov "Heart Tired Once upon a time" - Romantic Elegy (1994)

Oleksandr Shchetinsky Prayer for Cup (1990)

Leonid Hrabovs'kyj Für Elise zur Erinnerung (Keepsake for Elissa) (1988)

Golden Hall, Literature Museum

19.00 Evening performance I

Ensemble The Harmonies of the World (Odessa, Ukraine)


Frank Martin String Quartet No.2 (1967)

Agris Engelmanis Voice of the Soul for violin and cello (2000)

Bohdana Froliak Intermezzo Chornobyl in memoriam for string quartet (1996)

Vladimir Beleaev Quintet for clarinet and string quartet (1992)

Julia Gomelskaya …Herbarium … music of recalls for violin, viola and cello (2000)

Vytautas Germanavicius Expressija for string quartet (1996)

Performed by: Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:

Natalia Litvinova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Serhij Scholtz cello, Volodymyr Tomashchuk clarinet

Golden Hall, Literature Museum


December 2, SATURDAY

10.00 About music informational resources in Central and Eastern Europe:

Elmir Mirzoev, Afet Mammedova (Azerbaijan), Mikhael Kokzhaev (Armenia), Natela Mamaladze (Georgia), Margarita Esipova, Vladimir Shilov, Anton Rovner (Russia), Aleksandr Samarkin (Kazakhstan)

12.00 Round-Table II

Music and Informational Society (data bases, Internet resources, CDs' release, festival movement)

15.00 Audio-Action I

Music from Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia

18.00 Evening performance II

Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra

Artistic Director Hobart Earl

Conductor Volodymyr Runchak (Kiev, Ukraine)

Soloist Jozsef Ormeny piano (Lviv, Ukraine)


Part I

Valentin Silvestrov Metamusic - Symphony for piano and orchestra (1992)

Part II

Volodymyr Runchak Duels (Chamber Concerto) - Quattromusica No.3 for the wind and other orchestra musicians (1998)

Julia Gomelskaya Memento vitae for orchestra (1996)

Vadim Larchikov Gethsemane for orchestra (1992-1999)

Johann Sebastian Bach Chaconne (from Violin Partita in d minor, BWV 1004) (1720), orchestrated by Pavel Rivilis (1972)

Philharmonic Great Hall


December 3, SUNDAY

10.00 About music informational resources in Europe:

Vladimir Beleaev (Moldova), Nicolae Brindus (Romania), Pekka Hako (Finland), Roland Sandberg (Sweden), Jan Jaspers (Belgium), Claude Delley (Switzerland)

12.00 Round-Table III

Music and Informational Society (data bases, Internet resources, CDs' release, festival movement)

13.00 Audio-Action II

Music from Sweden, Moldova, Romania…

15.00 Excursion through Odessa

17.00 Evening performance III

Ensemble Ricochet (Kiev, Ukraine)


Oleksandr Shchetinsky Way to Meditation for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (1990)

Oleksandr Grinberg Roslavets-Capriccio for violin solo (1996)

Goce Kolarovski Alone for flute solo (1997)

Liudmila Yurina Sound Illusion for flute, piano and cello (1997)

Serhij Piliutikov Paysage-Ramification for cello solo

Evhen Stankovytch Sonata for clarinet solo (1996)

Volodymyr Runchak Time "X"… ,- or "Farewell" Non-Symphony for 5 performers (1998)

Performed by: Ensemble Ricochet:

Dmytro Medolyz flute, Vitalij Alfavyts'kyj clarinet, Mykhailo Bilytch violin, Zoltan Almashi cello, Roman Repka piano,

Vitalij Protasov conductor

Serhij Piliutikov artistic director

Actor's Club

20.00 Piano Dialogue

Anatolii Lapicus, Iurii Mahovici (Chisinau, Moldova)


Olivier Messiaen Visions de l'Amen (1943) - 7 pieces

Jan Frejdlin Triptych

Ghenadie Ciobanu Dedication to Philharmonic Public

Philharmonic Great Hall

20.00 Evening performance IV

Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Artistic Director and Conductor Ihor Shavruk (Odessa, Ukraine)

Soloist: Oleksandr Protas flute (Odessa, Ukraine)


Ivan Karabyts' Six pieces for string orchestra

Myroslav Skoryk Prelude, Toccata and Fugue from Partita No.1 for string orchestra (1966)

Oleksandr Rovenko Palindrome on BACH theme (2000)

Evhen Stankovytch Chamber symphony No.3 for strings and flute (1982)

Philharmonic Great Hall


December 4, MONDAY