Program The Contemporary To Contemporaries
organization of culture-education wandering actions in South region
Odessa, Ukraine, February 2000




International public organization Association New Music - Ukrainian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Idea, Artistic Conception and Management:

Oleksandr Perepelytsya - Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Program manager of the Wandering Music Academy

Karmella Tsepkolenko - Artistic Director of the Program Wandering Music Academy, President of the Association New Music


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation


Supported by:

Deutsches Kulturinstitut Goethe-Institut Kiew

Institut Français d'Ukraine

Österreichische Botschaft in der Ukraine

Odessa A.V.Nezhdanova State Conservatoire

Odessa Philharmonic State Agency


• The Program of the Wandering Music Academy is dedicated to the renovation of education at new, contemporary level, instead of outdated ideological conceptions, giving new progressive tendencies, knowledge, various contents and trends. The Program is directed towards wide strata of population from Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

• Within the frames of Wandering Music Academy the following events will take place: concerts of contemporary and ancient music, ballet performances, visual actions and art exhibitions, lectures. The best representatives of Ukrainian culture as well as foreign participants participate in given action. Foreign cultural foundations and institutions are involved in the realization of the Academy. Cultural event takes place in Odessa and then it is wandering to Mykolaiv and Kherson, villages and small cities of the region.



10 February, Thursday

16.00 About the Theatre... Louis van Delft (France): Autheurs de notre temps: le theatre francais au tournant des siecles

Golden Hall of the Literature Museum

17.00 Chamber Concert I French usic at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries

Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Vasyl' Holiak clarinet (Odessa, Ukraine)


Marc Delmas Rhapsodie italienne

Arthure Honegger Sonatine

Eugene Bozza Bucolique

Paul Pierne Andante scherzo

Jean Absil Fantasie humoresque

Francis Poulenc Sonate

Andre Jolivet Reflexion

Henry Tomasi Danse nuptiale

Claude Debussy Rhapsodie

Pierre Sanan Sonatine

Golden Hall of the Literature Museum


11 February, Friday

16.00 Session I in Izmail

Duo Cadence (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin

Programme: Spanish Music of the 19th-20th centuries.

E.Granados, I.Albeniz, M. de Falla


12 February, Saturday

16.00 Session II in Mykolaiv

Tetiana Kravchenko piano, Vasyl' Holiak clarinet (Odessa, Ukraine)


French usic at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries


15 February, Sunday

18.00 Session III in Kiev

Werner Barho (Germany)


F.Liszt, V.Dinescu, .Tsepkolenko

Hall of the Composers' Club

16.00 Session IV in Reni

Ensemble The Harmonies Of The World (Odessa, Ukraine)


Austrian Music of the 19th century


17 February, Thursday

12.00 Violin Master-Class Lidija Shutko (L'viv, Ukraine)

Conference Hall of Odessa Conservatoire

17.00 Chamber Concert II ontemporary Ukrainian Sonata

Lidija Shutko violin, Oleksandr Kozarenko piano (L'viv, Ukraine)


Borys Liatoshyns'kyj Sonata

Evhen Stankovytch Sonata Piccola

Myroslav Skoryk Sonata No.1

Oleksandr Kozarenko Sonata quasi una Fantasia

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum

19.00 Chamber Theatre Tango Identification

Antispectacle-Absurd after:

S.Mrozek Karol, .Ionescu Lesson, F.Dostojevskij Crime and Punishment

Chernihiv Regional Ukrainian Musical Dramatic Shevchenko Theatre (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Idea, space and production by Andrij Bakirov

Musical identification by Oleksander Rodin, Evhen Toruntsov

Performed by: Oleh Pshyn, Oleksandr Kukoverov, Petro Moroz, Valentyna Harkusha-Laptij, Sergiy Horshkov, Oksana Hrebeniuk, Oleksandr Laptij

Actors Club


18 February, Friday

16.00 Piano Recital Werner Barho (Germany)


Violeta Dinescu Echoes I | Torre di Si | Dies Diem Docet

Ruth Schnthal The Canticles of Hieronymus

Karmella Tsepkolenko Paysage Solo | Out of the Blues | Self-Reflections I/II | Evening Patience

Golden Hall of the Literature Museum

18.00 Chamber Concert II ... And A Time to Gather Together...

Ensemble The Harmonies Of The World (Odessa, Ukraine)

Concert-Portrait of Mikhal Bronner (Russia)


Jacob's Ladder for string quartet (world premiere)

The Jew. Life and Death for cello and piano

Adam and Eve for violin and accordion (world premiere)

Kadish to Outgoing Century for cello and piano (world premiere)

A Time to Remember for string quartet (world premiere)

Performed by: Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Ija Komarova viola, Serhij Scholtz cello, Tetiana Kravchenko piano, Olena Yergiyeva violin, Ivan Yergiyev accordion

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum


19 February, Saturday

12.00 Violin Master-Class Anatolij Bazhenov (Kiev, Ukraine)

Conference Hall of Odessa Conservatoire

15.00 About literature ... Oksana Zabuzhko (Kiev, Ukraine): Culture at the turn of 2000

Presentation of Chronicles from Fortinbras

Actors Club

17.00 Chamber Concert V

Duo Cadence + one (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin + Borys Shestopal oboe


Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in a for oboe, violin and piano (P.V. 53 SVII 8)

Arne Nordheim Flashing for accordion solo

Violeta Dinescu Lung Yu for accordion and violin

Julia Gomelska Behind the Shadow of Sound for accordion solo and violin (world premiere)

Serhij Berinskij Sea Paysage for accordion and violin

Actors Club

18.00 Chamber Concert V

Anatolij Bazhenov violin, Naida Magametbekova piano (Kiev, Ukraine)


Johann Sebastian Bach - Robert Schumann Partita No. 2 in d

Petr Tchaikovsky Reflections | Valse-Scherzo

Igor Stravinsky Duo Concertant

Karlheinz Stockhausen Signs of the Zodiac

Actors' Club


20 February, Sunday

16.00 Chamber Concert VI

Chamber Orchestra Of Odessa Philharmony

Conductor Alin Vlasenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

n Josan solo cello (Chisinau, Moldova)


Joseph Haydn Concerto in d

Richard Straus Capriccio

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in d

Giacomo Rossini Sonata No.1 in G

Gaetano Donizetti Allegro

Myroslav Skoryk Spanish Dance

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum

17.30 Chamber Concert VI

Chamber Ensemble Kyiv Camerata (Kiev, Ukraine)

Conductor Valeriy Matiukhin

Bohdana Stel'mashenko solo flute, Anatolij Bazhenov solo violin


Ivan Karabits Music from Watergate

Karmella Tsepkolenko Alles, was noch alles ist for chamber orchestra (world premiere)

Evhen Stankovytch Two Little Passacaglias for Outgoing and Oncoming Centuries for chamber orchestra

Ian Sibelius Love music for strings, p.14

Franc Martin Ballade for flute, strings and piano

Valentin Silvestrov Messenger-1996 for strings con sordini and synthesizer or piano una corda

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum


21 February, Monday

12.00 Piano Master-Class Ranko Markovic (Austria)

Conference Hall of Odessa Conservatoire


16.00 Chamber Concert VII

Piano Duo: Olga Shcherbakova, Yury Shcherbakov (Crimea, Ukraine)


rasimir Taskov Mutuality

lfredo Casella Pages of the war

Darius Milhaud Bull on the roof

Myroslav Skoryk Three pieces

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum

17.00 Piano Recital II Ranko Markovic (Austria) Gesprachskonzert


Alexander von Zemlinsky Fantasy on Richard Dehmel's poems, p. 9

Johannes Brahms Fantasy p. 116

Anton von Webern Rondo

Arnold Schoenberg Six Little Piano Pieces, p. 19 | Piano Piece, p. 33 | Piano Piece, p. 33b

Gyorgy Ligeti from Piano Studies: No.4: Flourish | No.5: Arc-en-ciel | No.14: Columna infinita

Golden Hall of the Literary Museum



Werner Barho pianist, Professor at Oldenburg University (Oldenburg, Germany)

Anatolij Bazhenov violinist, Ukraine National Artist, Professor at Ukraine National Tchakovsky Musical Academy (Kiev, Ukraine)

Mikhal Bronner composer (Moscow, Russia)

Louis van Delft Professeur emerite de langue et litterature française (Paris, France)

n Josan cellist, Moldova National Artist (Chisinau, Moldova)

Julia Gomelska composer, international competitions' winner (Odessa, Ukraine)

Vasyl' Holiak clarinettist, international competitions' winner (Odessa, Ukraine)

Oleksandr Kozarenko composer, pianist, musicologist, national competitions' winner, Prorector of L'viv Lysenko High Musical Institute (L'viv, Ukraine)

Tetiana Kravchenko pianist, international competitions' winner (Odessa, Ukraine)

Nd gtbkv pianist, Daghestan Honored Artist (Kiev, Ukraine)

Ranko Markovic pianist, Professor at Linz Conservatoire (Linz, Austria)

Borys Shestopal oboist (Odessa, Ukraine)

Lidija Shutko violinist, Ukraine National Artist, international competitions' winner, Professor at L'viv High Lysenko Musical Institute (L'viv, Ukraine)

Karmella Tsepkolenko composer, President of the Association New Music (Odessa, Ukraine)

Alin Vlasenko conductor, Ukraine Honored Artist, Professor (Kiev, Ukraine)

Oksana Zabuzhko writer, Vice-President of Ukrainian PEN-Centre (Kiev, Ukraine)


Duo Cadence (Odessa, Ukraine) - International Competitions' Winners

Ivan Yergiyev accordion

Olena Yergiyeva violin


Ensemble The Harmonies Of The World (Odessa, Ukraine)

Natalia Lytvynova violin

Leonid Piskun violin

Ija Komarova viola

Serhij Scholtz cello, artistic director


Chamber Ensemble Kyiv Camerata (Kiev, Ukraine)

Valerij Matiukhin conductor, Ukraine Honoured Artist


Chamber Orchestra Of Odessa Philharmony (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ihor Shavruk conductor, artistic director


Piano Duo (Crimea, Ukraine) - Crimea Honored Artists, International Competiotions' Winners

Ol'ha Shcherbakova

Jurij Shcherbakov


Tchernihiv Regional Ukrainian Musical Dramatic Shevchenko Theatre (Tchernihiv, Ukraine)