The 1st International Festival-Forum PAST AND FUTURE
Cultural Interaction in Music of East-European and Eurasian countries
Odessa, Ukraine, January 20-24, 2000


OSI - Assistance Foundation - Armenia

1. Mikhail Kokzhaev composer

2. Tsovinar Movsisyan musicologist

3. Souren Hakhnazarian violinist

4. Gayane Hakhnazarian pianist


Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan

5. Alexander Samarkin musicologist


Soros Foundation - Kyrghyzstan

6. Akimzhan Dzheenbayev composer

7. Kanykey Medetbekova composer

8. Taalaybek Dooronov composer


Soros Foundation - Moldova

9. Vasily Zagorschi composer

10. Pavel Rivilis composer

11. Julia Rivilis pianist

12. Vladimir Beleaev composer

13. Lucica Beleaeva violinist


Fundacja Stefana Batorego - Poland

14. Joanna Maklakiewicz pianist

15. Krzysztof Bakowski pianist

16. Anna Corecka violinist


Open Society Institute - Russia

17. Mikhail Bronner composer

18. Margarita Yesipova musicologist

19. Yefrem Podgaits composer

20. Eleonora Fedosova musicologist


International Renaissance Foundation - Ukraine

21. Julia Gomelskaya composer

22. Oleksandr Rovenko musicologist

23. Ludmila Samodaeva composer

24. Yury Semenov musicologist

25. Helen Tomlionova composer

26. Karmella Tsepkolenko composer

27. Tetyana Kravchenko pianist

28. "The Harmonies of the World" string quartet




International Public Organization "Association New Music"

Southern Ukrainian Public non-profitable organization "Svitlo"


Author and manager of the project:

Iouri Semenov


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation (Cultural Link program | Cultural coordinator: Kateryna Botanova)


Participating Foundations:

OSI - Armenia Assistance Foundation

Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan

Soros Foundation - Kyrghyzstan

Soros Foundation - Moldova

Fundacja Stefana Batorego - Poland

Open Society Institute - Russia (Moscow)


Supported by:

Odessa Branch of the Ukrainian Composers' Union


The festival-forum presents a number of various actions (performances, audio-actions, meetings, round-tables, etc.) aimed at the valuating the experience of cultural interaction in music of post-communist and particularly former-Soviet East-European and Eurasian countries as a phenomenon proceeding from the past to the future of this cultural continent.

The main goal of the festival-forum is to reset and to develop creative contacts and interaction between composers and musicologists from participating countries as well as between professional musicians and larger circles of public.

The festival-forum is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Yury Fortunatov. In spite of that his activity was not recognized by official authorities of the USSR he was well known as the informal artistic leader and teacher of a generation of composers, musicologists and performers from countries of former Soviet Union. His original conception of music creation is still popular. Since Fortunatov's personality was too broad for standard definition, the forum ideated as the homage to his memory and his heritage would be rather unordinary as to the choice and character of the planned actions.

The project' reviews some important aspects of the contemporary musical situation as well as determines priorities and methods of cultural policy for further development of musical art.

The project enriches the cultural exchange between participating countries and provides new ideas to music making and thinking.




January, 21 (Friday)

10.00 Round-Table I | Iouri Semenov (Odessa, Ukraine)

The millennium turn and music development in the light of Yury Fortunatov's personality and heritage

11.00 Audio-Action I | Eleonora Fedosova (Moscow, Russia)

Yury Fortunatov's life and activities.

12.00 Audio-Action II | Pavel Rivilis (Chisinau, Moldova)

15.00 Audio-Action III | Vasily Zagorschii (Chisinau, Moldova)

16.00 Audio-Action IV | Julia Gomelskaya (Odessa, Ukraine)

16.30 Audio-Action V | Helen Tomlionova (Odessa, Ukraine)

18.00 Evening performance I | Four in One

Ensemble ARS POETICA (Chisinau, Moldova)


Yury Fortunatov (Russia): Prelude and Fugue for piano

Vladimir Beleaev (Moldova): Violino Solo

Oleg Palymschi (Moldova): Bagatelle for piano

Gennadie Ciobanu (Moldova): from Songs and Dances of the Melancholic Moon for english horn

Viktor Grishin (Russia): Little Prince for vibraphone

Vasily Zagorschi (Moldova): Sonata for violin


Pavel Rivilis (Moldova): Sonata for piano

Performed by: Ludmila Amelina percussion, Julia Rivilis piano, Lucica Beleaeva violin, Vasile Habasescu english horn

19.30 Evening performance II | Piano Recital

Joanna Maklakiewicz (Warsaw, Poland)


Andrzej Dobrowolski (Poland): Music for tape and piano

Pawel Strzelecki (Poland): Retrospekcje

Pawel Lukaszewski (Poland): Souvenir II

Maciej Zoltowski (Poland): Intermezzi I, II, III

Aleksander Kosciow (Poland): Five Cosinogonic Tales

Kazimierz Serocki (Poland): Sonata


January, 24 (Monday)

10.00 Audio-Action X | Ludmila Samodaeva (Odessa, Ukraine)

15.00 Round-Table V | View from the West


January, 25 (Tuesday)

10.00 Round-Table IV | In progress...