Cultural Interaction in Music of East-European and Eurasian Countries
The 2nd International Musical Forum
Odessa, Ukraine, May, 24-29, 2001
In Memory of Yury Fortunatov




Association New Music, International Public Organization (Ukrainian section of the ISCM)


Author and manager of the project:

Iouri Semenov


Financial Support:

International Renaissance Foundation


Informational support:

Odessa Regional Radio: Iryna and Radio na Troitskoj (Odessa, Ukraine)

Radio Garmoniya Mira (Odessa, Ukraine)

Newspaper Odessky Vestnik (Odessa, Ukraine)

Newspaper Vecherniaya Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)


The 2nd International Musical Forum Past and Future: Cultural Interaction in Music of East-European and Eurasian Countries includes a number of various actions (meetings, round-tables, master-classes, performances, audio-actions, exhibitions) with the participation of eminent musicians, composers and musicologists from East-European and Eurasian countries to present and to make re-evaluation of the interaction of national music cultures experienced at the beginning of the 21st century and the new millennium (in memoriam of the eminent musicologist and composer, teacher, Prof. Yury Fortunatov).

The cultural interaction is understood as interaction between traditions and innovations and different national cultures.

The main goal of the festival-forum is to develop creative contacts and interaction between composers and musicologists from the countries of this region as well as between professional musicians and circles of the public.

The project's realization is review on the important aspects of contemporary musical situation as well as determination of priorities and methods of cultural policy to further development of musical art.

The festival-forum is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Yury Fortunatov, whose personality was not recognized by official Soviet authorities, but he was well known as the artistic leader and the teacher of a generation of composers and musicologists from Soviet countries, including Ukraine. He was the author of an original conception of music creation, which is important now as well. Since Fortunatov's personality was too large for standard definition, the forum ideated as homage to his memory and his principles must be rather unordinary as to the choice and character of scheduled actions.

The objective background of the project is the problem of effective mutual cultural links between the post-communist countries. Aiming at developing their national cultures, they are obliged to join globalisation processes. Both phenomena don't further contacts within this immense region. But it is impossible to find one's identity and one's own place in the contemporary world without such contacts.

Yury Fortunatov had profound respect for all the national cultures and languages. In addition to the Russian and West-European languages, he read in Estonian, Romanian, Kazakh, Uzbek, and Ukrainian. His creative school is a brilliant example of a mutually respectful multicultural and multinational cooperation.

The First forum (January 2000) has a great success confirmed by numerous publications in many countries. The forum's participants decided to start the Fortunatov's Community.

All participants have assessed the festival-forum as a great international event being very important for their professional career.

The Second International forum dedicated to the memory of Yury Fortunatov (1911-1998), an eminent orchestrator, musicologist and professor of composition, has continued Fortunatov's tradition of creative communication in the new millennium. Many Fortunatov's pupils and followers as well as young musicians and composers were brought together. The participants stressed the leadership of Ukraine in the process of cultural interaction between the post-communist countries as well as between these and other countries of the world.

The participants of the Festival-forum created the Organizational Committee of the Independent International Yury Fortunatov Foundation aimed at the publishing his musical, musicological and pedagogical heritage, works by his pupils and followers, hold international festival and conferences, found Fortunatov prizes and grants etc.





16:00 Press-Conference



Arrival of the participants


May 25, FRIDAY

10.00 Round-Table I Opening of the Forum

Homage to Yury Fortunatov

10.30 Opening of the exhibition Music Without Sounds

Curator Mikhail Kokzhayev (Yerevan, Armenia)

11.00 Audio-Action I

Mikhail Kokzhayev (Yerevan, Armenia)

12.00 Audio-Action II

Javanshir Kuliev (Baku, Azerbaidjan)

13.00 Audio-Action III

Maciej Zoltowski (Warsaw, Poland)

15.00 Round-Table II View from the East

Tsovinar Movsisian (Yerevan, Armenia), Alexander Samarkin (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Muratbek Begaliev (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan), Margarita Esipova (Moscow, Russia)

16.00 Video-Action I

Kanykei Medetbekova (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

17.00 Concert by students-composers of the Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Conservatoire (Ukraine):

Olena Anisimova, Natalia Cherny, Asmat Chibalashvili, Lidia Ivaniuta, Anzhelika Korasidi, Drazan Kosoric, Kateryna Kotel'nykova, Oleksandr Kozavjakin, Mykhailo Krupniak, Stepan Makijenko, Maria Maksimenko, Eugene Melnichenko, Herman Naman, Iryna Salyzhyn, Sin Siao Ling, Mykola Stepanchuk

Classes for Composition of Julia Gomelskaya, Georgy Uspensky, Karmella Tsepkolenko (Department for Music Theory and Composition)

Performed by:

Olena Anisimova piano, Stepan Makijenko cello, Oleksandr Bersuds'ky violin, Andrey Makhniov trombone, Oksana Chaika soprano, Maryna Marynych piano, Asmat Chibalashvili piano, Eugene Melnychenko piano, Liya Chibalashvili flute, Herman Naman piano, Lidia Ivaniuta piano, Oleksandr Perepelytsya-junior piano, Roman Kolesnykov accordion, Andrey Polkanov tenor, Kateryna Kotel'nykova piano, Oleksandr Striuk baritone, Dmytro Koval' saxophone, Oleksandr Sychov voice, violin, Oleksandr Kozavjakin piano, Volodymyr Tkachuk piano, Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Ihor Zakharchenko clarinet, Kateryna Litovkina violin

19.00 Evening performance I

Ensemble The Harmonies of the World (Odessa, Ukraine)


Mikhail Bronner Vest (Message) for viola and timpani (2000)

Mikhail Bronner Vremia terpet' (The Time to Suffer) for string quartet (2000)

Efrem Podgaets Sonata for viola and piano (2000) world premiere

Arvo Part Fratres for string quartet (1989)

Performed by: Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:

Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello, artistic director, Tetyana Kravchenko piano, Valery Nehovora percussion



10.00 Audio-Action IV

Efrem Podgaits (Moscow, Russia)

11.00 Audio-Action V

Mikhail Bronner (Moscow, Russia)

12.00 Audio-Action VI

Pavel Rivilis (Chisinau, Moldova)

13.00 Video-Action II

Laurentiu Gondiu (Chisinau, Moldova)

15.00 Round-Table III View from the North

Margarita Esipova, Mikhail Bronner, Viktor Ekimovsky (Moscow, Russia)

16:00 Audio-Action VII

Julia Gomelskaya (Odessa, Ukraine)

16:30 Audio-Action VIII

Helen Tomlionova (Odessa, Ukraine)

18.00 Piano Recital

Tetyana Kravchenko (Ukraine)


Olivier Messiaen Prelude "La Colombe" and Etude rhythmique "lle de feu 1"

Frederic Rzewski Piano piece no. 4

Jacob ter Veldhuis Postnuclear Winterszenario, op. 49

Volodymyr Runchak Homo ludens 2

Gyorgy Ligeti Musica ricercata (no. 7)

Karmella Tsepkolenko Out of the Blues

19.00 Evening performance II

Ensemble The Harmonies of the World (Ukraine) + Sergejus Kirsenko tuba (Lithuania)


Vytautas Germanavicius EOS for tuba solo

Helen Tomlionova Deo volentum for tuba and string quartet

Ib Norholm Tea for tuba solo

Svitlana Azarova As for the clot it is slowly… for tuba solo

Vytautas Germanavicius The Endless Summer of the Southern Isles for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello

Performed by: Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello, Sergey Laptev flute, Volodymyr Tomashchuk clarinet, Sergeus Kirsenko tuba


May 27, SUNDAY

10.00 Audio-Action IX

Vytautas Germanavicius (Vilnius, Lithuania)

11.00 Audio-Action X

Viktor Ekimovsky (Moscow, Russia)

13.00 Church Office to the Memory of Yury Fortunatov

15:00 Audio-Action XI

Karmella Tsepkolenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

16.00 Round-Table IV View from Ukraine

Oleksandr Rovenko, Iouri Semenov, Oleksandr Sokol (Odessa, Ukraine)

18.00 Evening performance III

Piano Trio:

Suren Hakhnazarian violin, Aram Talalian cello, Gayane Hakhnazarian piano (Armenia)


Efrem Podgaits Ironical Pas-de-deux for violin and piano

Michael Kokzhaev Toccata for cello solo

Krzysztof Penderecki Divertissement for violin solo

Andrey Golovin Daliokoye (The Far Away) for piano

Tigran Mansurian Five Bagatelles for violin, cello and piano

19.00 Cello Performance

Ivan Monighetti (Russia-Switzerland)


Johann Sebastian Bach Suite for cello solo

Frangiz Ali-Zade Ashk Havasy for cello solo

Valentin Silvestrov Elegy for cello solo and tam-tam

Rudolf Kelterborn Monody III for cello solo and harp

Thomas Demenga Les Adieux for cello solo, strings and synthesizer

Accompanied by Odessa Chamber Orchestra

Artistic Director and Conductor Ihor Shavruk


May 28, MONDAY

10.00 Audio-Action XII

Muratbek Begaliev (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

11.00 Video-Action III

Anton Rovner (Moscow, Russia)

12.00 Video-Action IV

Tudor Kiriak, Georgy Mustea, Vasily Zagorschi (Chisinau, Moldova)

13.00 Round-Table V View from the West

Ivan Monighetti (Basle, Switzerland) Maciej Zoltowski (Warsaw, Poland), Vytautas Germanavicius (Vilnius, Lithuania), Anton Rovner (Moscow, Russia - New York, USA)

14:00 Round-Table VI In progress...

16:00 Multimedia Action

Tatyana Stratulat (Chisinau, Moldova)

18.00 Chamber Concert East-West

Iulia Rivilis piano (Moldova), Angela Pihut soprano (Moldova), Kanykei Medetbekova piano (Kyrghyzstan), Ernis Asanaliev violin (Kyrghyzstan), Aikanysh Tekenova piano (Kyrghyzstan)


Yury Fortunatov Prelude and Fugue for piano

Vladimir Beleaev Ostinato for piano

Laurentiu Gondiu Diptych for piano

Pavel Rivilis Sonata for piano

Laurentiu Gondiu Romances for soprano and orchestra (tape): Un fulg in soare | Ave Maria | Stau la giam...

Kanykei Medetbekova Two pieces for piano: Black and Red | Humoresque

Muratbek Begaliev Sonata Manas for violin and piano

Maciej Zoltowski Thang-ka for tape

19.00 Evening performance IV

Piano Trio

Suren Hakhnazarian violin, Aram Talalian cello, Gayane Hakhnazarian piano (Armenia)


Michael Kokzhaev Observing the double star's way for violin, cello and tape

Grazyna Bacewicz Sonata for violin solo

Gyorgy Ligeti Sonata for cello solo

Karmella Tsepkolenko Black Moon Cycle for violin and piano

Armen Smbatyan Trio for violin, cello and piano

16:00 Press-Conference




1. Gayane Hakhnazarian pianist

2. Souren Hakhnazarian violinist

3. Mikhail Kokzhaev composer

4. Tsovinar Movsisian musicologist

5. Aram Talalian cellist



6. Javanshir Kuliyev composer



7. Alexander Samarkin musicologist



8. Ernis Asanaliev violinist

9. Muratbek Begaliev composer

10. Kanykei Medetbekova composer, pianist

11. Aikanysh Tekenova pianist



12. Vytautas Germanavicius composer

13. Sergeus Kirsenko tubist



14. Laurentiu Gondiu composer

15. Tudor Kiriak composer

16. Georgy Mustea composer

17. Angela Pihut soprano

18. Iulia Rivilis pianist

19. Pavel Rivilis composer

20. Tatyana Stratulat computer music program maker

21. Vasily Zagorschi composer



22. Maciej Zoltowski composer



23. Mikhail Bronner composer

24. Viktor Ekimovsky composer, musicologist

25. Margarita Esipova musicologist

26. Efrem Podgaits composer

27. Anton Rovner composer, musicologist



28. Ivan Monighetti - cellist, conductor



29. Ivan Golubov composer

30. Julia Gomelskaya composer

31. Tetyana Kravchenko pianist

32. Oleksandr Rovenko musicologist

33. Iouri Semenov musicologist

34. Ihor Shavruk conductor

34. Oleksandr Sokol musicologist

35. Helen Tomlionova composer

36. Karmella Tsepkolenko composer

37. Oleksandr Perepelytsya musicologist

38. Ensemble The Harmonies of the World