The Festival of Audio-visual and Musical Actions
Odessa, Ukraine, December 15-19, 1998




International public organization Association New Music (the Ukrainian section of the ISCM), President Karmella Tsepkolenko

South Ukrainian Public Organization Svitlo


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation (Odessa Branch)

Cultural Link Program (Cultural coordinator: Dr. Alexander Perepelytsya)


Participating foundations:

Open Society Institute - Russia

Open Society Institute - Uzbekistan

Open Society Institute - Armenia

Soros Foundation - Kyrghyzstan


This festival aimed at the development of new audio-visual art in Central and Eastern Europe as well as creative contacts and interaction between the Ukrainian and East European artists. Besides the musical actions, this event includes audio- and video-recording concerts, discussions about creative and art management problems. ̉he task of the festival is development of existing and search for new ways of presentation in audio-visual art as well as to further creative cooperation between Ukrainian and East European artists. This project presents 5-days festival of audio, visual and interdisciplinary actions. Programme includes audio- and video-recording concerts, discussions about creative and social cultural issues. Among the persons invited to the meeting-festival there were internationally known East-European professionals. Within the framework of this project video actions, performances, audio actions, audio-video action and concerts by young performers were organized with the programs of works by young composers and artists from Russia, Armenia, Mongolia, and Ukraine. The festival was very important for young musicians and artists, who had the possibility to know new trends in contemporary art. It was evaluated as very important event for the development and improvement of the cultural atmosphere in Odessa as well as for the cultural exchange between participating countries.



December, 16 (Wednesday)

10.00 Round Table - Opening

10.30 Audio action I | Valentin Barykin (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

11.30 Audio action II | Vache Sharafyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

12.30 Audio action III | Julia Gomelska (Odessa, Ukraine)

13.30 Audio action IV | Alexander Yurtaev (Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan)

16.00 Evening performance I | Sharomov Vocal Ensemble (Novosibirsk, Russia)


Andrey Popov Once upon a time - not once upon a time, concerto for five voices

Roman Stolyar Fragments from cantata The Gospel (the poem by W.Blake)

Yury Yukechev Fragments from cantata By Candle Light

Bernhard Ruwenstrunk Two Catalonian spiritual songs

Volodymyr Zubytsky Fragments from concert Drymba

John Cage Once upon a time

Performed by: Elena Zabarskaya soprano, 0lga Osipova soprano, Ludmila Tiuhaeva alto, Alexandr Pariman tenor, Pavlo Sharomov bass

18.00 Chamber concert

The Second Assembly of Wandering Academy of Arts

Sergey Stadler violin, Julia Stadler piano (Moscow, Russia)


Mikhail Glinka Non finished sonata

Igor Stravinski Concert duo

Alexander Grechaninov Suita in old style

Sergey Prokofiev Five melody for violin and piano

Sergey Rakhmaninov Sonata g-moll, violin and piano version


December, 17 (Thursday)

10.00 Video Action I | New Dance in Russia

Larisa Barykina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

11.00 Video Action II | Sergey Kurkaev (Odessa, Ukraine)

Art Vision Film | Ecstatic Feeling. Searching for abstractions dedicated to V.Kandinsky

12.00 Audio action V | Olena Tomlionova (Odessa, Ukraine)

13.00 Audio action VI | Dmytro Janov-Janovsky (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

14.00 Audio action VII | Michail Bronner (Moscow, Russia)

16.00 Evening performance II | String Quartet The Harmonies of the World (Odessa, Ukraine)


Frank Martin String Quartet 2

Wolfram Wagner String Quartet 2

Julia Gomelskaya From The Bottom Of The Soul for string quartet

Rashid Kalimullin String Quartet 4

Performed by: Natalia Litvinova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello

18.00 Symphony concert

The Second Assembly of Wandering Academy of Arts

Odessa State Philharmonic Orchestra


Felix Mendelson Bartoldi | Concert for violin and piano with orchestra

Richard Wagner Ouverture and Vakhanalia from the opera Tannhoiser | Introduction and death of Isolda from the opera Tristan and Isolda | Walkuren fly from the opera Die Ualkure

Performed by: Odessa State Philharmonic Orchestra

Julia Stadler piano, Sergey Stadler violin (Moscow, Russia)

Conductor: Sergey Stadler (Moscow, Russia)


December, 18 (Friday)

17.00 Solo Recital | Dmytro Zemsky guitar (Odessa, Ukraine)


Roland Dyens Soudade 3 (In commemoration 3) | Free sonatina

Yuquijro Yocoh Sacura

Leo Brouwer Elogio de la Danza | Danza del Altipiano

Dmytro Zemsky The Water Sign | Two pieces from sulta Makondo | Reflections

18.00 Evening performance III | Duo of contemporary music Cadence:

Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin


Vadim Larchikov Ave Maria Stella for violin and accordion

Ludmila Samodaeva Sonata for accordion

Karmella Tsepkolenko Duel-Duo 5 for accordion and violin

Sergey Berinsky Marine Landscape Marine a la Monet (poem for accordion and violin)

Bogdan Precz Preambule and Toccata for accordion



Valentin Barykin composer (Ekaterinburg)

Larisa Barykina musicologist (Ekaterinburg)

Mikhail Bronner composer (Moscow)

Vache Sharafyan composer (Yerevan)

Dimitry Yanov-Yanovskiy composer and performer (Tashkent)

Alexander Yurtaev composer (Bishkek)

Sergey Kurkaev videoartist (Odessa)

Boris Lukin artist (Odessa)

Julia Gomelskaya composer (Odessa)

Vadim Larchikov composer (Odessa)

Ludmila Samodaeva composer (Odessa)

Olena Tomlionova composer (Odessa)

Dmytro Zemsky guitarist (Odessa)

Yury Semenov musicologist (Odessa)


Duo of contemporary music Cadence (Odessa)

Ivan Yergiyev accordion

Olena Yergiyeva violin


Sharomov Vocal Ensemble (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Olena Zabars'ka soprano

Olga Osipova soprano

Ludmila Tiuhaeva alto

Olexandr Parima tenor

Pavlo Sharomov bass


String Quartet The Harmonies of the World (Odessa)

Natalia Litvinova violin

Leonid Piskun violin

Iya Komarova viola

Sergey Scholtz cello