workshop on the new dance performance art
Odessa, Ukraine, 15-21 October, 1998


October 15, THURSDAY

8.00 - 20.00

Arrival of participants


October 16, FRIDAY

10.00 - 13.00


Sailor's Club


Maritime Gallery

Sea Terminal


"Black & White" Gallery


October 17, SATURDAY

10.00 - 12.00

Workshop by Slovenian dancers (Mateja Bucar) and Russian dancers (group "Blind")

Ballet college

15.00 - 17.00

Video presentation and lecture of Slovenian dancer Mateja Bucar, video presentation and lecture of Russian dancers (group "Slepye")

Sailor's Club


Chamber concert

Svitlana Shabaltina clavecin, Oleg Kudryashov flute

Scientist's Club


Performance of Slovenian dancer Mateja Bucar

Performance by Russian dancers ("Slepye")

Sailor's Club


October 18, SUNDAY

11.00 - 13.00

Performance by Hungarian dancers (Eva Molnar, "Atlantis")

Performance by Russian dancers (Group "Lesnoy Dom")

Sailor's Club

15.00 - 17.00

Video presentation and lecture of Hungarian dancers (Eva Molnar, "Atlantis")

Sailor's Club

17.00 - 19.00

Contemporary music ensemble "Frescos" "In commemoration of Alfred Shnitke"

Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Conservatory


October 19, MONDAY

10.00 - 12.00

Workshop of Russian dancers ("Lesnoy Dom")

Ballet college

15.00 - 17.00

Video presentation and lecture of Russian dancers ("Lesnoy Dom")

Sailor's Club


Ballet performance of Didier Theron's group (France)

Program of "Wandering Academy"

Musical Comedy Theatre


October 20, THURSDAY

10.00 - 12.00

Workshop of Didier Theron

Sailor's Club

16.00 - 18.00

Press conference

Sailor's Club


October 21, WEDNESDAY





International Public Organization "Association New Music", Ukrainian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Financial Support:

International Renaissance Foundation, Odessa Branch (Cultural Coordinator: Oleksandr Perepelytsya


Foundations Participants:

Soros Foundation - Moscow

Soros Foundation - St.Petersburg

Soros Foundation - Budapest

Soros Foundation - Slovenia


The project was realized by grant that gave possibility to organize workshop of new dance for East-European dancers (Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine). Different ways of plastic art performance were shown. This representation of different trends in new dance became an event for professionals and interested in audience as well. It was in a form of alive performances, video-presentations, lectures, master-classes. It is especially important for Odessa, where classical ballet school traditions are very strong. Ballet artists and students of the ballet colleges need to have more information about existing dance schools in order to develop own styles. Ballet classes given by invited artists in the Ballet College were perceived with deep understanding and readiness to go forward. Admiration of students and professional artists was the reason for invited dancers to show technical methods as well as to teach searching for own plastic. Classically educated artists showed that they can overcome traditions, they just need to contact with somebody, who suggests new tendencies.

At the same time audience was excited having seen new forms of body plastic and new forms to perform the dance. Contact improvisation, dance art-performance, ensemble improvisation, combining conceptual art and dance were represented during this event. Interviews given by our guests explained the idea and reason for experiments and it helped to understand more precise direction in developing new dance and its interaction with other arts - music, installation, video.

One more important goal was fixed during workshop. We live here and know almost nothing about events in other countries. But artists from different countries also have difficulties in attempts to find contacts. We became friends with our guests and they were grateful for the chance to exchange of experience. Now we plan to send information to "Other Dance" magazine, to participate in festivals in St.Petersburg and Moscow, to develop relations with Hungarian dance groups.

It is worth to hold workshops for stable contacts, to create more mobile network.



Soros Foundation - Moscow:

Group "The Blind" - Anna Kuznetsova, Alexander Margorin

Soros Foundation - St.Petersburg:

Group "Forest House" - Olga Sorokina, Vitaliy Nikonov, Timur Melech

Soros Foundation - Budapest:

Group "Atlantis" - Eva Molnar, Adam Horgash, Zoltan Shmidt, Silard Vash

Soros Foundation - Slovenia:

Mateja Bucar, Vadim Fishkin


League "Level 14" - Ute Kilter, Victor Malyarenko, Igor Dragan, Elena Voloch, Konstantin Penchkovsky, Alexander Ohrimenko

Group "Rush Hour"

Choreography Art Center