Festival - Workshop - Conference
Odessa, Ukraine, 27 September - 2 October, 2001




International Public Organization "Association New Music", the Ukrainian Section of the ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation (under Cultural Link programme - Cultural Program Coordinator: Anna Bernads'ka)


Other funds (financial support):

Pro Helvetia - Ukraine


Participating Foundations:

Open Society Institute - Armenia Assistance Foundation

Soros Foundation - Hungary

Soros Foundation - Moldova

Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego - Poland

Open Society Institute - Novosibirsk (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Moscow (Russia)

Open Society Institute - St. Petersburg (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Slovenia


First attempt in this direction was undertaken in 1998. It was aimed at the top problems of a new dance art in Ukraine. The representation of various trends in the novel dance became an event for professionals as well as for the interested in audience. Actors with the classic education demonstrated their possibility to overcome traditions. The second stage was realized during Festival of Novel Dance in 1999, when new dancing groups and teams, which activities is focused on the realization of projects in the theatre, were involved in the workshops. It was the reason for the invited actors to show their technique as well as to teach how to search own plastic methods. Master-classes given by well-known specialists were very exciting and useful. Outstanding dancer Didier Terone (France) Joseph Nage (France) with his ballet troupe participated in this festival. Generally, festival brought great emotional impulse. New ideas had been appeared. New emotions, creative ideas were a result of that event.

Given project presents 6-days event, which covers international festival of novel dance with workshops and conference for dancers, musicians and all interested in persons.. The aim of the project is to develop and to fix in Ukraine, particularly in Odessa region, a new forms of plastic arts and visual practices. The main idea of the workshop is to unite contemporary, novel dance, visual art and new music. There is a lack of information about new tendencies. Strong classical ballet education doesn't allow to grasp a new body plastic, powerful stamps prevent to search for and to develop new choreography. Now the situation changes and achieved results must be fixed. With realization of this project we would like to make accent on discussion as well as demonstration of results and achievements in this field. We hope that this event will enrich the cultural exchange between different countries as well as priorities and methods of realization of joint creative projects will be determined. Now it is very important to outline ways in the development not only novel dance, but its interaction with the new plastic forms as well as with a new music and new forms of video-art. New conceptual decisions in plastic art had to give push to new adequate musical accompaniment (video- and other performances). Screen-play and "mode of action" of the novel dance art are subjects for discussion also. Realization of Workshops will help to unite different genres and to demonstrate novel tendencies in art to new generation.




27 September

Arrival of the participants


28 September


WORKSHOP of Olga Sorokina (Russia), Michael Jekel (Germany)

Ballet college

15.00 - 17.00

CONFERENCE. Part I | New ways in the development of novel dance art

Moderator: Alena Panasenko (Russia)

Club of Odessities


Music Dance Performance I | Dance Group Krunk (Armenia)


Tango of illusion | Waltz of tears | Mad souls | Spanish dismal | Dance with swords

Performed by dancers: Mher Babayan, Lusine Shamakhyan, Hripsime Petrosyan

Artistic director: Nelli Karapetyan


Theater Dance Performance II | Theater of Dance Vampiter (Russia)


Performance ShowH2000 | Fragment | Rehearsal

Performed by: Katerina Basalaeva dancer, Alexander Andriyashkin dancer, Tatyana Stupina dancer, Ruslan Santakh choreographer and dancer

Elena Panasenko producer, choreographer, leader of the Contemporary Dance Center


Dance Performance III | Dance Group Atlantis (Hungary)



Performed by dancers: Eva Molnar, Adam Horgash, Zoltan Schmidt, Silard Wash

Actor's Club


29 September

10.00 - 11.30

WORKSHOP of Marta Pietruszka, Iwona Olszowska (Poland)

12.00 - 13.30

WORKSHOP of Valentina Vareneva (Moldova)

Choreographical College


CONFERENCE. Part II | Interaction of novel dance art with new music and new forms of video-art

Moderator: Marta Pietruszka (Poland)

Worldwide Club of Odessities


Music Dance Performance IV | Chamber Ballet Arbor (Moldova)



Performed by dancers: Denis Tutunaru, Tatyana Erhan, Tatyana Bakaru, Lidia Kriange, Marina Vinogradova, Marina Zaitseva, Svetlana Zavarukhina

Producer, art director: Valentina Vareneva


Dance Performance V



Performed by: Marta Pietruszka dancer (Poland), Iwona Olszowska teacher, choreographer and dancer (Poland)

Actor's Club


30 September

10.00 - 11.30

WORKSHOP of Eva Molner (Hungary)

12.00 - 13.30

WORKSHOP of Anna Kuznetsova (Russia)

Choreographical College




Theater Performance VI | Theatre of plastics and gesture └r│ňs (Ukraine)


Comedy of absurd The sun of the dead (10 plastics novel)

Performed by dancers: ╬lga └lexina, Ganna Shcrabak, Katerina Protsiv, Nataliya Semenjuk, Viktorija Steshina, Vlada Kalinejko, Vlada Fokina, └lla Milokumova, ╠Ó­rjana ╩ţvalenko, Nataliya Sokolova, Julia Efremkina, Nataliya Zaxarova, Serhiy Slemzin, Eugeny Mozhey, Aleksey Kalabin, Taras Lazebnyk, Aleksey Hvan, └andrey Rogachev, Serhiy Pinchuk

Music and painting Volodymyr Bulanov

Producer Alyona Pinchuk


Theater Performance VII | Group Lesnoy Dom (Russia - Germany)



Performed by dancers: Olga Sorokina, Vitaly Kononov, Timur Melleh, Michael Jekel

Actor's Club


1 October

10.00 - 11.30

WORKSHOP of Ruslan Santakh (Russia)

12.00 - 13.30

WORKSHOP of Theater of Dance Vampiter (Russia)

Choreographical College



World-Wide Club of Odessites


Video Theater Performance VIII | Group Slepye (Russia)


Red Dress

Performed by: Anna Kuznetsova dancer, Alexander Margorin video-performer


Improvisation Performance IX All participants

Actor's Club


2 October

Departure of participants



Open Society Institute Armenia Assistance Foundation:

Dance Group Krunk (Yerevan)

1. Mher Babayan dancer

2. Hripsime Petrosyan dancer

3. Lousine Shamakhyan dancer

4. Nelli Karapetyan artistic director


Soros Foundation - Hungary:

Dance Group Atlantis (Budapest)

5. Eva Molnar dancer

6. Adam Horgash dancer

7. Zoltan Schmidt dancer

8. Silard Wash dancer


Soros Foundation - Moldova:

Chamber Ballet Arbor (Chisinau)

9. Denis Tutunaru dancer

10. Tatyana Erhan dancer

11. Tatyana Bakaru dancer

12. Lidia Kriange dancer

13. Marina Vinogradova dancer

14. Marina Zaitseva dancer

15. Svetlana Zavarukhina dancer

16. Valentina Vareneva producer, art director


Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego - Poland, Krakow:

17. Marta Pietruszka dancer

18. Iwona Olszowska teacher, choreographer and dancer


Open Society Institute - Russia, Moscow:

Group Slepye (Moscow)

19. Anna Kuznetsova dancer

20. Alexander Margorin video-performer


Open Society Institute - Russia, Novosibirsk:

Theater of dance Vampiter (Novosibirsk)

21. Katerina Basalaeva dancer

22. Alexander Andriyashkin dancer

23. Tatyana Stupina dancer

24. Ruslan Santakh choreographer, dancer, produser

25. Elena Panasenko producer, choreographer, leader of the Contemporary Dance Center


Open Society Institute - Russia, St.Petersburg:

Group Lesnoy Dom (St.Petersburg)

26. Olga Sorokina dancer

27. Vitaly Kononov dancer

28. Timur Melleh dancer


Open Society Institute - Slovenia:

29. Mateja Bucar dancer (Lubliana)



30. Michael Jekel dancer



Theatre of plastics and gesture └r│ňs (Odessa)

Odessa Choreographic College