Complex action dedicated to the development of contemporary art dance
Odessa, Ukraine, 22-27 April, 2002




International public organization "Association New Music", the Ukrainian section of the ISCM

Public Organization "Svitlo" (Odessa, Ukraine), President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Project Author:

Natalia Volchenko


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation (Cultural Link Program, Coordinator: Anna Bernads'ka (Kiev, Ukraine)


Other funds (financial support):

Pro Helvetia - Ukraine foundation (Switzerland)


Participating Foundations:

Open Society Institute - Armenia Assistance Foundation

Soros Foundation - Moldova

Fundacija im. Stefana Batorego - Poland

Open Society Institute - Novosibirsk (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Moscow (Russia)

Open Society Institute - St. Petersburg (Russia)

Open Society Institute - Slovenia

Open Society Institute - Estonia


Dance art itself is unique and important kind of art. Novel dance art is rather experimental, innovative form and it attracts a lot of interested in people, but it is developed insufficiently. The first attempt in this direction was aimed at the top problems of a new dance art in Ukraine (1998). Different trends in the novel dance were represented. It became an event for professionals and audience. Classically educated actors demonstrated possibility to overcome traditions. The second stage was Festival of Novel Dance (1999). New dancing groups, which activities is focused on the realization of the theatre projects, were involved in the workshops. It was the reason to show technique as well as to teach how to search own plastic methods. Master-classes given by well-known specialists were very useful. Outstanding dancers Didier Terone and Joseph Nage (France) with the balet team participated in that festival. New conceptions appear, new emotions and creative ideas are the result of that event which brought great emotional impulse.

Given project presents 6-days complex event that includes:

- author's performances and demonstration of the professional dancer skills.

- workshops, where authors present work and shares experience in choreographic art.

- conference brings together dancers, professionals from different countries with all interested in persons for the discussion of results, achievements in this field and determination of new tendencies.

The program of given action contemplates the creation of art environment, where participants and audience will be during six days. We hope that it will promote the maintenance of creative atmosphere and permanent growing interest in the novel dance art.

We do hope that the project realization will stimulate common projects and other cooperation in future.




22 April, MONDAY

Arrival of participants


23 April, TUESDAY


WORKSHOP I | Group of modern dance Wampeter (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Choreographic college


WORKSHOP I | Group of modern dance Wampeter (Novosibirsk, Russia)


Another dances

Performed by: Tatyana Stupina, Irina Telkova, Natalia Bakaeva


PERFORMANCE II | Kroot Juurak and Merle Saarva (Tallinn and Viljiandi, Estonia)


Reinventing the Wheel

Actor's Club




WORKSHOP II | Kroot Juurak and Merle Saarva (Tallinn and Viljiandi, Estonia)

Choreographic College


CONFERENCE Part I | Genesis of Modern Dance

Moderator: Naira Kilichyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

Institute of the Regional Development Culture and Education


PERFORMANCE III | Dance Group Krunk (Yerevan, Armenia)



Performed by: Nelly Karapetyan, Mher Babayan, Karen Badalyan


PERFORMANCE IV | Moscow Dance Group Kvartira No.5 (Moscow, Russia)


Sutra Kama

Performed by: Irina Gontovaja, Konstantin Mishin, Alexandra Konnikova, Anastasia Smirnitskaya

Actor's Club


25 April, THURSDAY


WORKSHOP III | Goran Bogdanovski (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Choreographic College


CONFERENCE Part II | Genesis and Novations of Modern Dance

Moderator: Eva Noormets (Tallinn, Estonia)

Institute of the Regional Development Culture and Education


PERFORMANCE V | Modern Dance Group Voice (Chisinau, Moldova)


While the teakettle is boiling | When I was old

Performed by: Sergey Golovnea, Alexandra Soshnikova, Arteom Gojii


PERFORMANCE VI Group Lesnoy Dom (St.Petersburg, Russia)


Contact Imrovisation Long story…

Performed by: Olga Sorokina, Timur Mellekh, Vitaly Kononov, Michael Jekel

Actor's Club


26 April, FRIDAY


WORKSHOP IV | Olga Sorokina and Dance Group Lesnoy Dom (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Choreographic College


CONFERENCE Part III | Prospective development

Moderators: Naira Kilichyan (Yerevan, Armenia) and Eva Noormets (Tallinn, Estonia)


PERFORMANCE VII | Improvisation of all participants

Actor's Club


27 April, SATURDAY

Departure of participants



Open Society Institute - Armenia Assistance Foundation:

1. Karen Badalyan dancer

2. Naira Kilichyan Ph.D Arts, art critic, Official representative of Armenia in CID UNESCO

Dance Group Krunk

3. Mher Babayan dancer

4. Nelly Karapetyan choreographer, dancer


Soros Foundation - Moldova:

Modern Dance Group Voice

5. Sergey Golovnea dancer

6. Alexandra Soshnikova dancer

7. Arteom Gojii dancer


Open Society Institute - Moscow, Russia:

8. Anastasia Smirnitskaya dancer

Dance Group Kvartira No.5

9. Irina Gontovaya dancer

10. Konstantin Mishin dancer

11. Alexandra Konnikova dancer


Open Society Institute - Novosibirsk, Russia:

Group of Modern Dance Wampeter

12. Tatyana Stupina dancer

13. Irina Telkova dancer

14. Natalia Bakaeva dancer


Open Society Institute - St.Petersburg, Russia:

Group Lesnoy Dom

15. Olga Sorokina dancer

16. Vitaly Kononov dancer

17. Timur Mellekh dancer



18. Michael Jekel choreographer, dancer


Open Society Institute - Slovenia:

19. Goran Bogdanovski choreographer, dancer


Soros Foundation - Estonia:

20. Kroot Juurak choreographer, dancer

21. Eva Noormets choreographer, dancer and dance teacher

22. Merle Saarva choreographer, dancer



Students of Odessa Choreographic College