The first international conference
Odessa, Ukraine, 7-10 December, 1995




International public organization Association New Music - Ukrainian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko

Association New Art, president Oleksandr Roytburd


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation, Odessa Branch (Cultural Link programme)


Participating Foundations:

Soros Foundation - Moldova

Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Slovakia

Open Society Institute - Russia

International Cultural Initiative (St. Petersburg)

Information Center Soros - Nizhniy Novgorod

Fundacia Stefana Batorego

Open Society Fund - Croatia

Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan


The Conference is devoted to the problems of modern musical and fine arts. The question is connected with the maintenance of the viability of arts, with the management organization of the festivals, concerts and exhibitions. The Conference promoted revealing of mutual aesthetic tastes, searching for new forms of creative self-expression by the means of interchange of innovatory ideas and conceptions among the theorists and practical workers of modern art. The program of the conference included the reports, "the round table", organization of the author's concerts of the composers, videoinstallations, performances.



December 7, THURSDAY

Arrival of participants and accommodated at the Hotel.


19.00 Welcome party



December 8, FRIDAY



O.Perepelytsya Cultural Program Coordinator (I.R.F. Odessa Branch), K.Tsepkolenko composer (Odessa), L.OIiynyk musicologist, secretary of the board of the Ukrainian Composers Union (Kyiv).


10.20 The beginning of the DISCUSSION ON THE SUBJECTS:

Peculiarities of Art Management in Central and Eastern Europe (Sharing the ideas, discussion at the round table) - S.Berinsky about the work experience of the Vadim Dubrovitsky producer's company (Moscow).

About the organization and holding of the following music festivals: Two Days and Nights of New Music - O.Perepelytsya, K.Tsepkolenko (Odessa); The Days of New Music - G.Chiobanu (Chisinau); Sound ways - A.Radvilovich (St. Petersburg); Europe-Asia - R.Kalimoullin (Kazan).


12.15 Continuation of the discussion

About the holding of musical festivals: Musical Dialogues - A.Oliynik, V.Kozachenko (Kyiv); The International Musical Youth Forum - I.Shcherbakov (Kyiv); Contrasts - Y.Lanyuk (Lviv).


13.00 Consolidation of the efforts, exchange of information and experience of a creative work: K.Tsepkolenko (Odessa), A.Radvilovich (St.Petersburg), G.Chiobanu (Chisinau), Y.Rakul (Odessa), R.Kalimoullin (Kazan).

Searching for financial maintenance, editing of music notes, CD, organization of the exhibitions, concerts, festivals: S.Berinsky (Moscow), O.Roytburd (Odessa), R.Topilov (Odessa), A.Wladyczka (Warsaw).


15.00 The problem of popularization of new National art, advertisement, consolidation of the efforts in raising the information level of the achievements of new art. The mass media coverage of modern art: S.Berinsky(Moscow), V.Muratova (Kyiv), all participants.

Creation of East-European data base for musicians, artists and art-managers: M.Rashkovetsky (Odessa), I.Sukhomlin (Chisinau), A.Shevelev (Odessa).


17.00 INAGURATION OF THE EXIBITION: Neochimerism. The Doctor Frunkenstein's Cabinet - Association New Art, A.Roytburd, O.Mikhaylovsky, M.Rashkovetsky

The Odessa Scientists' Club



Scientists' Club


19.00 CONCERT performed by Ensemble Frescos

Scientists' Club



December 9, SATURDAY


10.00 DISCUSSIONS ON THE TOPICS (see below). Video-material review, demonstration of practical achievements:

The problem of synthesis of visual and synthetic kinds of art. Video materials of the festivals: Two Days and Nights of New Music (Odessa), The Days of New Music (Chisinau), Sound Ways (St. Petersburg), The International Musical Youth Forum (Kyiv), Contrasts (Lviv) and Sergey Berinsky Musical Club (Moscow).


12.15 The problem of performance of new art perception. N.S.Stipanov (Rijeka), M.Zoltowski, M.Tarbuk (Warszaw), Y.Semenov (Odessa), Y.Novikov (Kyiv).

Shaping and creating of visual space in the symbiosis music and color.


15.00 CONTINUATION of demonstration of the videoinstallation and "the round table" discussion on the topics: Theatrical methods of modern arts, the problems of time space creation in visual, arts and performance orientation of musical kind of arts. V.Buchinskaya (Alma-Ata), L.Fedianina (Alma-Ata).


16.15 CONTINUATION of "the round table" discussion


18.00 VISIT to the Opera and Ballet Theatre



December 10, SUNDAY



The problem of interpretation and performance in the modern art. V.Larchikov (Odessa), I.Yergiyev (Odessa), S.Scholz (Odessa), A.Radvilovich (St. Petersburg).




12.30 Dialectics of form and content in modern music and painting, some questions of the priority tendencies in the contemporary art - S.Berinsky (Moscow), O.Roytburd (Odessa), I.Sukhomlin (Chisinau).



New art - new way of its perception.

Immersion in the atmosphere of creative action.


17.00 CONCERT by Ensemble The Harmony of the World


19.00 CLOSING UP the Conference




1. Gennadiy Chiobanu composer, Head of the Moldova Union of composers, producer of the festival The Days of New Music (Chisinau)

2. Irina Sukhomlin musicologist, secretary of New Art Association (Chisinau)



3. Anna Wladyczka Secretary of the Polish Contemporary Music Association

4. Maciej Zoltowski composer, leader of the group of young composers at the Polish Contemporary Music Association



5. Sergey Berinsky composer, musicologist, the founder of the alternative concert organization Musical Club of Sergey Berinsky (Moscow)

6. Alexander Radvilovich composer, producer of the festivals Sound ways (St. Petersburg)

7. Rachid Kalimoullin composer, Head of the Tatarstan Union of composers, Chairman of the committee of modern music, producer of the festivals Night Kazan and Europe - Asia (Kazan)

8. Vladimir Razhnikov musicologist, professor (Moscow)

9. Tatiana Sidneeva musicologist (Nizhny Novgorod)

10. Alexander Vlasov designer (Nizhny Novgorod)



11. Valentina Buchinskaya art-critic (Alma-Ata)

12. Luybov Fedyanina musicologist (Alma-Ata)



13. Vladimir Bokes composer, Professor of the Academy of Music and Drama Arts, the Chairman of the Association of the Slovak Composers, President of the International Festival of Contemporary Music MELOS-ETOS (Bratislava)



14. Natasha Segota Stipanov art critic (Rijeka)

15. Mladen Tarbuk composer, conductor (Zagreb)

16. Sloven Tolj artist in visual art



17. Karmella Tsepkolenko composer, artistic director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Odessa)

18. Igor Shcherbakov composer, producer of the festival The International Youth Music Forum (Kyiv)

19. Alexandra Oliynyk musicologist, Secretary of the Ukrainian Union of composers, the member of National Ukrainian Committee in UNESCO, coordinator of the festival Musical Dialogues (Kyiv)

20. Valentyn Kozachenko producer of the festival Musical Dialogues (Kyiv)

21. Yury Lanyuk composer, producer of the festival Contrasts (Lviv)

22. Oleksandr Roytburd painter, Chief of the Ukrainian Fund for Arts Promotion, Odessa branch (Odessa)

23. Alexander Shevelev designer (Odessa)

24. Victoria Muratova journalist at the World Radio Service Ukraine (Kyiv)

25. Yury Semenov musicologist (Odessa)

26. Yury Rakul Vice-Rector of the Odessa State Conservatory

27. Roman Topilov director of Elti-Records studio (Odessa)

28. Mikhail Rashkovetsky musicologist, Head of the Board of the Association New Art

29. Yury Novikov artist (Kyiv)

30. Ivan Yergiyev accordionist (Odessa)

32. Olena Yergiyeva violinist (Odessa)

33. Oleksandr Perepelytsya director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music (Odessa)


Honourable Guest:

Bernard Vanthomme, director of the French Cultural Centre in Ukraine