The second international conference
Odessa, Ukraine, 16-19 December, 1996




International public organization Association New Music - Ukrainian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM, President Karmella Tsepkolenko

Association New Art, president Oleksandr Roytburd


Financial support:

International Renaissance Foundation, Odessa Branch (Cultural Link programme)


Participating Foundations:

Open Society Institute Croatia

Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts Czech Republic

Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts Tallinn, Estonia

Soros Foundation Moldova

Stefan Batory Foundation Poland

Open Society Institute Moscow, Russia

Open Society Institute Samara, Russia

Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts Slovakia

Soros Yugoslavia Foundation Slovenia

International Renaissance Foundation, Odessa Branch Ukraine


Participants of the concert program:

The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble (Odessa)

Ensemble The Harmony of the World (Odessa)

Duo Kievski Accord (Kiev)

Ensemble Ars Poetica (Chisinau, Moldova)



December 16, MONDAY

Arriving of the participants



December 17, TUESDAY



O.Perepelytsya Cultural Program Coordinator (IRF Odessa Branch.), K.Tsepkolenko composer (Odessa), O.Roytburd Artistic Director of Association New Art (Odessa)


10:20 BEGINNING OF THE ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION on the top problems of modern culture in Central and Eastern Europe


12:15 VIDEO-REPORTS (S.Tolj - Zagreb, O.Roytburd - Odessa, T.Horvatic - Split, M.Tarbuk - Zagreb)


14:00 CONCERT of ensemble Ars Poetica (Chisinau, Moldova)


17:30 CONCERT of the Frescos Ensemble



December 18, WEDNESDAY


10:00 VIDEO-MATERIAL REVIEW on the festival

Two Days and Two Nights of New Music 1996 (Odessa) - K.Tsepkolenko

Sergey Berinsky Musical Club (Moscow) - S.Berinsky

Video-reports by: Y.Kasparov (Russia), A.Wladyczka (Poland), L.Vrhunc (Slovenia), E.Zinkevich (Ukraine)


12:15 The new possibilities of the authors' music performance with the video-, CD-ROMs - and digital sound resources - Y.Novikov (Kiev)


15:00 CLASS by Michael Bielinsky (Czech Republic)


17:30 CONCERT of

Duet Kievsky Accord (Kiev)

Ensemble The Harmony of the World (Odessa)



December 19, THURSDAY

10:00 International projects on contemporary art. The information about the creating SCCA ODESSA - O.Roytburd, M.Rashkovetsky (Odessa)


10.30 Virtual TV-performance - Michael Bielicky (Czech Republic)


12:15 New music and its analysis as a reflection of contemporary world - N.Gerasimova-Persidskaya (Kiev).

Stylistic characteristics of the sonoristic music - O.Sokol (Odessa)




17:30 CONCERT of the Frescos Ensemble

Great Hall of the Odessa Conservatory




1. Toni Horvatic musicologist (Split)

2. Mladen Tarbuk composer, conductor (Zagreb)

3. Vlado Zrnic artist in visual art (Zagreb)


Czech Republic:

4. Michael Bielicky Associate professor of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, organizer of the New Media Symposiums (Prague)



5. Hanno Soans art critic, curator (Tallinn)



6. Gennadie Chiobanu composer, Head of Moldovian Union of Composers, Manager of the festival The Days of New Music (Chisinau)

7. Irina Sukhomlin musicologist, secretary of New Art Association (Chisinau)



8. Anna Wladyczka art critic, secretary of Polish Association for Contemporary Music (the ISCM Polish Section) (Warsaw)



9. Sergey Berinsky composer, the founder of the alternative concert organization Musical Club of Sergey Berinsky (Moscow)

10. Ekaterina Djogot curator, art critic (Moscow)

11. Yury Kasparov composer, leader of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow)

12. Alexander Maklygin art critic (Kazan)

13. Alexander Pigarev TV manager (Tolyatti)

14. Tatiana Vershinina art curator (Tolyatti)

15. Vsevolod Zaderatski musicologist, PhD, professor (Moscow)



16. Mr. Piacek composer, organizer of the New Music Festival (Bratislava)



17. Larisa Vrhunc composer (Ljubljana)



18. Nina Gerasimova-Persidskaya musicologist, PhD, Professor at Kiev Conservatory, Academician of High Education Academy of Ukraine (Kiev)

19. Oleksandr Krasotov composer, professor at Odessa State Conservatory (Odessa)

20. Vadim Larchikov composer, cellist, Artistic Director of the Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble (Odessa)

21. Victoria Muratova journalist of the Broadcasting Company "Promin" (Kiev)

22. Yury Novikov painter (Kiev)

23. Nikolay Ogrenich Rector of Odessa State Conservatory (Odessa)

24. Yurij Rakul Vice-rector of Odessa State Conservatory (Odessa)

25. Michail Rashkovetsky art critic, curator, Director of the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts - Odessa

26. Oleksandr Roytburd painter, curator, Artistic Director of Association New Art (Odessa)

27. Yury Semenov musicologist (Odessa)

28. Oleksandr Sokol musicologist, PhD, Professor at Odessa Conservatory (Odessa)

29. Karmella Tsepkolenko composer, Artistic Director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, Head of the Board of the Association New Music (the ISCM Ukrainian section) (Odessa)

30. Elena Zinkevich musicologist, Secretary of the Ukrainian Union of composers (Kiev)

31. Oleksandr Perepelytsya Director of the festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music