International Forum of Festival Directors and Managers of New Music Organizations
Festival and roundtable discussions within the project Music Information Centre
Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine, April, 10-16, 2001



Idea, artistic conception and implementation of the project by:

International public organization "Association New Music" (the Ukrainian section of the ISCM), president Karmella Tsepkolenko


Author and manager of the project:

Iouri Semenov


Supported by:

Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia, Reseaux Est-Ouest, Pro Helvetia - Ukraine

International Renaissance Foundation

Greek Culture Foundation


Organizing Committee:

Oleksandr Perepelytsya Managing Director of the Institute of Regional Development, Culture and Education

Karmella Tsepkolenko President of the Association New Music

Halyna Vladymyrska Director of the Worldwide Odessites' Club

Iouri Semenov author and manager of the project Music Information Centre of the Association New Music


Informational support:

Odessa Regional Radio Irina and Radio Na Troitskiy (Ukraine)

Radio Garmoniya Mira (Odessa, Ukraine)

Newspaper Vecherniaya Odessa


The project is generally aims at the fostering the development of New Music in Ukraine and the integration of Ukraine into the worldwide and European cultural and informational space. The concrete objective of this forum is furthering international collaboration of NGOs and creative individuals in the area of New Music. The forum's theme is acquaintance with recent achievements and development of festival movements in different countries, discussing possibilities of interaction and realization of collaborative projects. The forum has two directions:

1) roundtable discussions by leaders and representatives of home and foreign New Music associations, festival directors

2)festival events - performances, concerts, audio- and video-actions.

Networking associations of organizations for new music must aim at developing contemporary art trends, at supporting all the new, oncoming, and talented.

This problem was discussed at various meetings including those held by the Association New Music. Many festival organizers supported the idea of uniting different actions. If some festivals are held in three countries with time breaks, then it is possible not only to exchange participants, but also to harmonise their conceptions and to elaborate common conception of the festival movement. In addition, this activity could foster the feeling of cultural community, unite festivals differentiating in countries and contents, but linked by conceptual paradigms.

Another item of the agenda is the collaboration of NGOs. The difference in conditions for NGOs functioning in different countries is to be mentioned. Due to the law, registration and taxing conditions, state and community support. The Ukrainian NGOs exist in the situation of stable instability, which requires a particular planning, with quick reacting for changes. We must operate with more tools and components while planning in order to take a new orientation due to situational changes. Such a particularity of planning is to be taken into account by the partners working in more stable conditions.

The forum features representatives from developed Western Europe, America as well as from "transition" countries, from Asia - India, Korea and Japan. There appears a problem of cultural dialogue and interaction between different music civilisations at the contemporary epoch of informational globalisation. This process is of great importance for music culture.

As another component, the forum includes discussions about prospects of regional international organizations' networking, creating functional databases of contemporary music, online magazines, integrating countries into various informational networks.

The Forum programme consists of: roundtable conference and festival events, including performances, concerts, audio- and video-actions, meetings, press conferences, etc. The festival programme includes a performances dedicated to contemporary Ukrainian and foreign music. Among the participants there is a well-known Ukrainian ensemble of soloists Kamerata Kyiv, other Ukrainian and foreign soloists and ensembles, including for the first time in Ukraine a Greek Ensemble of Contemporary Music.

The following results of the project could be very important:

- regular exchange of experience between musical NGOs of different countries and regions of the world, coordinating their activity;

- providing support to each organization participating in the forum by holding network events, know-how seminars and implementing joint projects;

- strengthening the Ukrainian public concern for New Music and foster the development of New Music;

- subsequent integration of Ukraine into the worldwide cultural space.

The Forum aimed at fostering the development of the New Music in the Ukraine as well as its integration in the European and global cultural space. A conference and a concert series represented a special event. It took place in various halls (Actors Club, Literarˇ Museum, Greek Culture Centre, Hall of Odessa section of the Ukrainian Composers' Union and Worldwide Odessites' Club).

The entrance to all actions was free of charge. The participants and guests had got the detailed information about the situation in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, Ukraine and others.

Prof. Bernhard Wulff set the pitch by reviewing his unique experience of organising festivals in various countries of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine), America (Uruguay) und Asia (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam). He called the Mongolian festival Roaring Hoofs a "child" of the Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music in Odessa and the forthcoming Festivals in Kyrgyzstan und Vietnam its "grand-children". The conference participants consented, that contemporary festivals, particularly for New Music structurally should not be conceived as primitive conventional concert series, but they must originate from some integral.

We are witnesses of the globalisation processes in the area of New Music, especially concerning its appearance and development in post-communist and some non-European countries. The support for such processes needs a developed and various international informational infrastructures. In addition to international networks, another new international both thematic and regional networks are to be created. Particularly, such regional networks have the perspectives, if they could unite developed and so-called transition countries, e.g. Black Sea, Balkan and Danube countries networks.

The participants and guests of the Forum got the detailed information about the development of the MIC Odessa Ukraine, its new production, and the online-magazine www.musica-ukrainica.odessa.ua.

The Forum was interesting for Ukrainian and international mass medias. The average number of the public was nearly 200-300. The wishes were expressed about the regular holding of such conferences.



April 10, TUESDAY

Arrival of the participants




Worldwide Odessites' Club

10.30 ROUNDTABLE I Festival organization experience

B.Wulff, J.Clarke, E.Shcherbakov

Worldwide Odessites' Club

12.30 ROUNDTABLE II Development of the festival movement

A.Rovner, C.Delley

Worldwide Odessites' Club

17.00 EVENING PERFORMANCE I Bayan (Accordion) Recital

Vladimir Zubytsky bayan (Italy-Ukraine)


Part I

Volodymyr Zubytsky From Fancelli to Galliano (Fantasy on themes of Luciano Fancelli, Wolmer Beltrami and Richard Galliano for accordion and piano)

Volodymyr Zubytsky Partita concertante in modo di jazz improvisazione no. 2

Volodymyr Zubytsky Rossiniana for accordion and piano

Part II

Viktor Vlasov Steps for accordion

Daniil Kramer, Viacheslav Chernikov, Volodymyr Zubytsky Violinist Playing and Dancing for violin

Astor Piazzolla Oblivion for accordion

Volodymyr Zubytsky Jazz-scherzo (fantasy on the themes by Luciano Fancelli, Richard Galliano, Viktor Vlasov) for accordion

Volodymyr Zubytsky - Marcello Moretti Flumen for accordion and piano

Volodymyr Zubytsky - Marcello Moretti Ti amo, Pesaro for accordion

Volodymyr Zubytsky - Marcello Moretti Carmen iukundum for accordion and piano

Volodymyr Zubytsky Trauermusik in memory of Vladislav Zolotarev for accordion

Volodymyr Zubytsky Salute, Castelfidardo! for violin and piano

Performed by:

Volodymyr Zubytsky accordion, Natalia Zubytska piano, Oleksandr Volodin violin

Golden Hall, Literary Museum


State Ensemble of Soloists Kamerata Kyiv (Ukraine)

Artistic Director and Conductor Valery Matiukhin


Ashot Zograbian Concerto-Elegy for 12 solo strings

Valentin Silvestrov Serenade for strings (1978) | Epitaph for strings and piano (1999)

Volodymyr Zubytsky Chamber Symphony no. 3 in memory of Borys Liatoshyns'kyj for strings (1985)

Evhen Stankovych Chamber Symphony no. 3 for flute and strings (1982)

Soloists: Bohdana Stel'mashenko flute, Dmytro Tavanets' piano

Golden Hall, Literary Museum


April 12, THURSDAY

10.00 Roundtable III Music and Globalization Processes (virtual and real space and time, interaction of civilisations, changes in social structure, common ideology and structure of music activity)

Ivo Nilsson, Andreas Lorenz, Vladimir Beleaev

Worldwide Odessites' Club

12.00 AUDIO-ACTION I Music from Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, India, Korea, Japan

Worldwide Odessites' Club, 7


Michalis Adamis Byzantine and Contemporary New Greek Music: Experience of Interaction

Odessa Branch of Greek Culture Foundation


Ensemble Erzsebet and The Harmonies of the World Ensemble


Eugene Scherbakov Fünf Geistliche Gesange (Five Spiritual Chants)

Performed by: Ensemble Erzsebet

Isabel Heusser soprano, Miklosh Hegyi violin, Laszlo Polus cello, Stefan Abels piano

Erik Freitag Quintet for flute and string quartet (world premiere)

Performed by: The Harmonies of the World Ensemble

Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Serhiy Scholz cello, Serhiy Laptiev flute

Actors Club


April 13, FRIDAY

10.00 ROUND-TABLE IV Music and Globalisation Processes

Elizabeth Glauber, Adina Izarra

Worldwide Odessites' Club

12.00 AUDIO-ACTION III Music from Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Argentina, Venezuela, the USA

Worldwide Odessites' Club

16.00 VISITING the Two Days and Two Nights of New Music Festival


April 14, SATURDAY

12.00 AUDIO-ACTION IV Music of the youth...

Odessa Branch of Ukrainian Composers' Union

16.00 VISITING the Two Days and Two Nights of New Music Festival


April 15, SUNDAY

15.00 ROUND-TABLE V | Common discussion. Exchange of opinions

Odessa Branch of Ukrainian Composers' Union


Ensemble Adamis Unlimited (Greece)

Part I

Michael Adamis Endon (Inwards) for saxophone and electro-acoustic music (CD) (2001)

George Adamis Rhinotilinkus Ulni (Nose Tilinkos Session) for double folk flute (furulya), 2 tilinkos, electro-acoustic music (CD) and fire juggling (2000)

Michael Adamis Kratema for baritone, saxophone, tuba and electro-acoustic music (CD) (1971)

Part II

George Adamis Didgvastahto (Dis/dgbearable) for didgeridoo, bendir and voice (2001)

Michael Adamis Molpe (Chant) for alto saxophone (2000)

George Adamis Ton Spileon (Of the Caves) for morin huur and voice (1998)

George Adamis Navagoi (Shipwreck Survivers) for tape, juggling and voice (1998)

Performed by: Ensemble Adamis Unlimited:

George Adamis vocals, morin huur, Hungarian double folk flute and 2 tilinkos, didgeridoo, bendir, Theophilos Sotiriades saxophones (soprano and alto), Thanassis Adamis fire juggling, Michael Adamis conductor

Actors Club


April 16, MONDAY

11.00 ROUND-TABLE V | Common discussion. Press-Conference

Worldwide Odessites' Club




Martin Fumarola composer, ensemble and festival leader



Robert Amirkhanian composer, President of the Board of Armenian Composers' Union



Afet Mamadova musicologist, Director of the New Music Centre

Elmir Mirzoev composer, Director of the Initiative New Music Centre



Iva Chardarova manager of the International March Music Days Festival in Ruse (Bulgaria)



Panikos Giorgiudes Professor, festivals organizer



Elizabeth Glauber festivals manager

Andreas Lorenz manager of the Dresden Centre for Contemporary Music

Bernhard Wulff percussionist, conductor, President of the festivals in Ukraine (Two Days and Two Nights of New Music), Mongolia (Rooring Hoofs) and Kyrghyzstan, leader of the Percussion Ensemble, Professor at the of Freiburg Music University


Great Britain

James Clarke composer, festival leader



George Adamis composer, ensemble leader

Michalis Adamis composer, conductor, festival and ensemble leader, ex-President of the Greek ISCM section

Pany Adamis psychologist (sound therapy)

Ensemble Adamis Unlimited:

Theophilos Sotiriades saxophonist

Thanassis Adamis fire juggler



Udai Mazumdar musician, ensemble and festival leader



Volodymyr Zubytsky composer, accordionist and festival leader (Ukraine - Italy)



Sinatro Miyazaki ensemble and festival leader



Park In-ho composer, festivals leader, Vice-President of Korean ISCM section

Paik Seung-Woo composer, festivals leader, General Secretary of Korean ISCM section



Vladimir Beleaev composer, President of Moldova ISCM section

Oleg Palymski composer, conductor, Director of the Ars Poetica ensemble

Ghenadie Ciobanu composer, festival leader, Minister of Culture of Moldova Republic



Liviu Danceanu composer, conductor, ensembles and festivals leader



Zulfia Asadoullina musicologist, festival manager (Kazan, Tatarstan)

Mikhail Bronner composer, leader of an association

Rashid Kalimoullin composer, President of Tatarstan Composers' Union (Tatarstan ISCM section), President of the East West International Music Festival (Kazan, Tatarstan)

Anton Rovner composer, musicologist, festivals founder and director (Russia the USA)

Eugene Scherbakov composer, member of Organising Committee of Composers' Generations International Festival (Nizhny-Novgorod, Russia)



Ivo Nilsson trombonist, composer, ensemble and festivals leader



Claude Delley Directeur de la Fondation SUISA pour la musique

Lucius Gartmann leader of the ensemble

Jopo ensembles and festivals leader, founder of associations

Ingeborg Poffet ensemble leader

Elizabeth Staub manager of the ensemble ERZSEBET

Ensemble Erzsebet (Switzerland):

Isabel Heusser soprano

Miklosh Hegyi violin

Laszlo Polus cello

Stefan Abels piano



Francis Schwartz composer, ensembles and festivals leader

Joel Sachs composer, ensembles and festivals leader



Adina Izarra composer, Vice-President of Venezuela ISCM section



Julia Gomelskaya composer (Odessa, Ukraine)

Halyna Kyrylina musicologist, manager of the Ukrainian Culture Ministry (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Valeriy Matiukhin pianist, conductor, Artistic Director of the Ensemble Kyiv Kamerata (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lesia Olijnyk musicologist, manager, Secretary of Ukrainian Composers' Union

Serhij Piliutikov composer, Artistic Director of the Ensemble RICOCHET, manager of Kyiv International Youth Music Forum (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Oleksandr Rovenko musicologist, Vice-Rector of Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Conservatoire (Odessa, Ukraine)

Volodymyr Runchak composer, conductor, Director of the New Music concert series (Kyiv, Ukraine), Executive Secretary of Kyiv branch of National Ukrainian Composers' Union (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Iouri Semenov musicologist, manager of the ╠▓C project, editor of the online magazine Musica Ukrainica (Odessa, Ukraine)

Oleksandr Shchetinsky composer, member of Organizing Committee of International Contrasts Music Festival in Lviv (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Helen Tomlionova composer, organizer of the International Competition for Children Music in Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)

Karmella Tsepkolenko composer, President of Ukrainian ISCM section, Artistic Director of International Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music in Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine)

Vasyl' Vasylenko conductor, President of International Golden Crown Opera Festival in Odessa, Managing Director of Odessa State Opera and Ballet House (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ludmila Yurina composer, Artistic Director of Kyiv MetaArt Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Olena Zinkevytch musicologist, Professor at Kyiv National Music Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:

Natalia Lytvynova violin

Leonid Piskun violin

Iya Komarova viola

Serhiy Scholz cello

Serhiy Laptiev flute

State Ensemble Of Soloists Kamerata Kyiv:

Bohdana Stel'mashenko

Bohdan Halasiuk

Heorhij Chernenko

Dmytro Tavanets'

Natalia Zubyts'ka

Zoltan Almashi

Dmytro Havrylets'

Hanna Lunina

Andrij Mel'nyk

Oleh Seredyns'kyj

Oleksandr Volodin

Viktorija Shtyk

Oleksandr Ivanov

Ol'ha Morozova

Oleksandr Men'shykov

Maryna Polodenna

Oleh Ljubchenko

Viktor Karbovs'kyj

Oleksij Aleksejev

Dmytro Zhembrovs'kyj

Vasyl' Demydovytch

Viktor Zymin

Valerij Pogosov

Lilija Babashyna

Lolita Khomichenko

Ljubov Mosijchuk