II International Forum of Festival Directors and Managers of New Music Organizations
within the project Music Information Centre - 2002
Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine, April 17-22, 2002



Idea, artistic conception and implementation of the project:

International public organization Association New Music (the Ukrainian section of the ISCM), President Karmella Tsepkolenko


Author and manager of the project:

Iouri Semenov


Supported by:

Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland, Cultural Exchange East - West (Under the auspices of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland)

Pro Helvetia - Kiev

International Renaissance Foundation


Informational support:

Odessa Regional Radio Irina and Radio na Troyitskiy (Ukraine)

Radio Garmoniya Mira (Odessa, Ukraine)

Newspaper Vecherniaya Odessa


The project is aimed at the fostering of development of New Music in Ukraine and the integration of Ukraine into the worldwide and European cultural space. The concrete objective of this forum is the elaboration of common approaches and criteria of functioning, development and international collaboration of NGOs and creative individuals in the sphere of New Music. The concrete objective of this forum is furthering international collaboration of NGOs and creative individuals in the area of New Music. Networking associations of organizations for new music must be aimed at developing contemporary art trends, at supporting of all the new, oncoming, and talented.

Last years, this problem was discussed at various festivals, conferences, and meetings including those held by the Association New Music. Many festival organizers have supported the idea of uniting different countries' actions in time and contents. If some festivals are held in few countries consequently, with time breaks between them, it is possible to exchange participants as well as to harmonise their conceptions and even to elaborate common conception of the festival movement. In addition to resolving organizational problems and reducing expenses, this activity could foster the feeling of cultural community, unite festivals differentiating in countries, cities, venues, forms, and contents, but linked by modern conceptual paradigms.

Another point of the agenda is the collaboration of NGOs at the international level. First of all, the difference of conditions for NGOs functioning in different countries is to be underlined. This difference is due to the law, registration procedure, sponsoring and taxing conditions, presence or absence of state and community support, unanimity of the artistic elite. The Ukrainian NGOs exist in the situation, which can be defined as certain uncertainty or stable instability. This situation requires a particular kind of planning, with versatility and quick reacting for situational changes. We must operate with more tools and components while planning in order to take (if necessary) a new orientation due to situational changes. Such a particularity of planning is to be taken into account by the partners working in more stable conditions. In our turn, we have to remember other countries' specifics.

In same way there appears a problem of cultural dialogue and interaction between different music civilisations of the world at the contemporary epoch of informational globalisation. This process is of exceptional importance for music culture both at the worldwide and individual level.

As another important component, the forum includes discussions about prospects of regional international organizations' networking, creating functional databases of contemporary music, online magazines, integrating countries of our region into various informational networks.

The Forum programme consists of two directions: (1) round tables with the participations of representatives of Ukrainian and foreign associations, directors of festivals and (2) concerts, audio - and video actions. During round tables participants will discuss stages of organizing and holding of festivals, master-classes, conferences and other cultural actions.




Arrival of participants


April 18, THURSDAY


10.30 ROUND TABLE I Festival organization experience

B.Wulff (Germany), V.Runchak (Ukraine), V.Zaderatsky (Russia), D.McMullin (USA)

Worldwide Odessites Club

12.30 ROUND TABLE II Development of the festival movement

R.Kalimoullin (Tatarstan), H.Larsen (Denmark), V.Muratova, N.Kuliaeva (Ukraine)

Worldwide Odessites Club

13.30 AUDIO-ACTION Music of Tatarstan, Denmark and Germany

Worldwide Odessites Club

17.00 CHAMBER CONCERT (New concert series Soft music)

Ernst Helmuth Flammer (Germany) Glasperlenspiel

Performed by:

Breisacher Glasperlenspieler (Germany)

Conductor and artistic director Jurgen Braun

Golden Hall of Odessa Literary Museum

19.00 CONCERT-PRELUDE of the Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

Chamber Orchestra of Odessa Philharmony

Artistic director and conductor Ihor Shavruk (Ukraine)

Conductor Ihor Chernetsky (Ukraine)

Visiting Conductors - Volodymyr Runchak (Ukraine), Bernhard Wulff (Germany)


Jevhen Stankovych (Ukraine) Sinfonia Larga for 15 strings | Conductor: Volodymyr Runchak (Ukraine)

Ivan Nebesny (Ukraine) How many a letter to you for soprano and strings (on verses by Vasyl Stus) | Soloist: Svitlana Hleba soprano (Ukraine) | Conductor: Volodymyr Runchak (Ukraine)

Osvaldas Balakauskas (Lithuania) Ostrobothnian symphony for 20 strings | Conductor: Volodymyr Runchak (Ukraine)

Martin Christoph Redel (Germany) Traumtanz for percussion and strings | Soloist: Henrik Larsen (Denmark) percussion | Conductor: Bernhard Wulff (Germany)

Great Hall of Odessa Philharmony


April 19, FRIDAY

10.00 ROUND TABLE III Music and Globalization Processes (virtual and real space and time, interaction of civilisations, changes in social structure, common ideology and structure of music activity)

E.H.Flammer (Germany), M.Virsaladze (Georgia), E.Ballio (Italy), T.Gnativ (Ukraine)

Worldwide Odessites Club

12.00 AUDIO-ACTION II Music of Georgia, Russia and Italy

Worldwide Odessites Club

13.00 VIDEO-ACTION Yu. Novikov Recollections (Ukraine)

Worldwide Odessites Club

16.00 VISITING Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

Odessa Regional Centre of Culture Ukraine


April 20, SATURDAY

10.00 ROUND-TABLE IV Music and Globalization Processes

J.-L.Darbellay (Switzerland), L.Olijnyk, O.Zinkevych (Ukraine), A.Melnaes (Sweden)

Worldwide Odessites Club

12.00 AUDIO-ACTION III Music of Switzerland, Ukraine, Sweden

Worldwide Odessites Club

16.00 VISITING Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

Odessa Regional Centre of Culture Ukraine


April 21, SUNDAY

10.00 SUMMARY Two Days and Two Nights of New Music

11.00 ROUND-TABLE V General discussion. Opinions exchange

16.00 CONCERT-ESSAY Return from Uncosciousness (Reconstruction of Lost Creativity)

Composer Vsevolod Petrovych Zaderatsky (1891-1953)

Moderators: Vsevolod V.Zaderatsky moderator (Russia), Oksana Zhurko piano (Ukraine)


Prelude and Fugue a-moll for piano

5 Miniature for piano

Motherland suite for piano

Silver flow for piano

Golden Hall of Odessa Literarye Museum


April 22, MONDAY





Maya Virsaladze composer, Leader of the Association of Young Composers and Musicologist of Georgia



Emanuela Ballio composer, Leader of the League of Young Composers of Italy



Henrik Larsen percussionist, composer, Leader of the League of Young Composers of Denmark



Rashid Kalimoullin composer, Head of the Union of Composers of Tatarstan, President of the Tatarstan Section of ISCM, President of the International Music Festival East-West (Kazan, Tatarstan)



Vsevolod Zaderatsky Ph.D. in Musicology, Professor at Moscow Conservatoire, Vice-Chairman of Russian Composers Union, Artistic Director of the Academy of Music Russian Travelling Artists.

Vladimir Razhnikov member of the Writers' Union of Russia, Ph.D. in Psychology, Deputy Director of Institute of Artistic Education.



David McMullin composer, President of the ISCM Section in the USA



Bernhard Wulff percussionist, conductor, President of Festival in Ukraine (Two Days and Two Nights of New Music), Mongolia (Rooring Hoofs) and Kyrghyzstan, Artistic Director of Percussion Ensemble, President of Association Modern Music of Ukraine in Freiburg, Professor at the High School for Music Freiburg.

Hansjorg Koch pianist, Leader of Trio La Tache

Ernst Helmuth Flammer Director of Festivals Ensemblia, ...antasten...

Jürgen Braun conductor and Artistic Director Ensemble Breisacher Glasperlenspieler

Werner Barho pianist, Leader of Ensemble Oh-Tone Ensemble for new music



Oscar Carmona composer, President of Chile Section of ISCM



Jean-Luc Darbellay composer, President of the Switzerland Section of ISCM



Arne Melnaes composer, President of the ISCM

Per Hedlund saxophonist, Leader of Ensemble



Tamara Gnativ musicologist, Professor at Kiev National academy of music

Julia Gomelskaya composer, Professor at Odessa A.V. Nezhdanova Conservatory

Olena Zinkevych musicologist, Professor of Kiev National Music Academy

Nataliya Kuliaeva musicologist, Leading Journalist of National Radio Company of Ukraine, TVO of Artistic Programmes

Victoriya Muratova musicologist, editor of Republic newspaper Segodnia

Ivan Nebesny composer, Leader of Ensemble

Yury Novikov painter

Lesia Olijnyk musicologist, Director of the International Festival Music dialogues (Kiev), Secretary of Ukrainian Composers' Union

Oleksandr Rovenko musicologist, Professor at Odessa State A.V.Nezhdanova Conservatoire

Volodymyr Runchak composer, conductor, Director of the New Music concert series (Kiev, Ukraine), Executive Secretary of Kiev Branch of the National Ukrainian Composers' Union

Iouri Semenov musicologist, manager of the ̲C project, editor of the online magazine Musica Ukrainica

Helen Tomlyonova composer, organizer of the International Competition for Children Music in Odessa

Karmella Tsepkolenko - composer, President of Ukrainian ISCM Section, Artistic Director of the International Festival Two Days and Two Nights of New Music in Odessa




Oksana Zhurko - pianist, student of Lviv Academy of Music


Ensemble Breisacher Glasperlenspieler (Germany)

Arne Blum, Christine Blum, Stefan Breisacher, Ulrike Fabian, Anke Heidrich, Arno Luecker, Tina Mueller, Eric Pfeiffer, Markus Poteczin, Christine Pusch

Conductor and artistic director Jürgen Braun


Chamber Orchestra of Odessa Philharmony (Ukraine)

Artistic director and conductor Ihor Shavruk

Conductor Ihor Chernetsky