Multimedia Database of Ukrainian Women Composers


Double CD-ROM - multimedia database of Ukrainian composers - English-Ukrainian texts and audio-visual information: women composers, works and performers.- Odessa, ANM, 2003. Information about 12 Ukrainian women composers (photos, biographies, complete lists of works, addresses, etc.) as well as 22 hours of music (total 111 pieces) and information about new music performers (over 70 musicians and musical groups) has been included.

1. “Axis of Every Karuss…”
for clarinet, piano and cello: 02:51
        Performed: Trio LA TACHE (Switzerland)
2. “Chronometer” for piano: 05:08
        Performed: Tetyana Kravchenko piano (Ukraine)
3. “As for the Clot it is Slowly...” for solo tuba: 03:03
        Performed: Sergejus Kirsenko tuba (Lithuania)
4. “The Dance of Birds” for string orchestra: 10:31
        Performed: State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Conductor Nataliya Ponomarchuk (Ukraine)

1. “Solemn Liturgy”
for mixed a cappella choir: 71:25
        1. “Pieceful Ektenis”: 05:09
        2. “Bless the Lord, My Soul”: 04:57
        3. “Praise the Lord, o My Soul”: 04:15
        4. “Oh Only Begotten Son”, hymn: 02:57
        5. “In Yours Reign”: 05:01
        6. “Oh Come Let Us Worship”: 03:25
        7. “Oh Holy God”: 03:35
        8. “Prokeimenon”: 02:02
        9. “Reading of Apostle. Alleluia”: 04:27
        10. “Triple Ektenis”: 03:25
        11. “Song of the Cherubim”: 03:41
        12. “Pleading Litany”: 02:11
        13. “The Creed”: 05:28
        14. “The Mercy of Peace. We Sing for You”
: 05:08
15. “It is Worthy”
, hymn to our Lady: 01:59
“Our Father”: 02:24
17. “Only the Holy is Blessed”, “We Have Seen the True Light”
: 01:39
        18. “Let our Mouth be Filled”
, hymn: 02:58
        19. “Ektenis of Gratitude”
: 01:39
“Let It Be Blessed”: 01:51
        21. “Glory to Father and Son”
: 00:57
“Many Years”: 01:43
        23. “Speach by Lesia Dychko”
: 01:00
                Performed: The KYIV Municipal Chamber Choir (Ukraine)
                Conductor Ìykola Gobdych (Ukraine)
                Choirmaster Tetyana Zolotarevska (Ukraine)
2. “Zolotoslov”
(“Golden Word”), one-act opera-oratorio on folk texts (in Ukrainian) for soloists and mixed a cappella choir: 09:58
        Performed: Nina Matvienko voice (Ukraine)
        OREYA People`s Chorus (Ukraine)
        Conductor Oleksiy Vaccek (Ukraine)
        Kyiv Municipal Chamber Choir KHRESHCHATYK (Ukraine)
        Conductor Larysa Bukhonska (Ukraine)

1. “Intermezzo”
for string quartet 11:38
        Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
2. “Vestigia” for alto flute and string quartet: 12:29
        Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
3. “How Say You to My Soul:'Fly as a Bird to Your Mountain?'” on David's Psalm for chamber ensemble: 20:20
Performed: Ensemble of Contemporary Music CLUSTER (Ukraine)
        Conductor Andriy Yurkevych (Ukraine)
4. “Fragments” for clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and drymba: 12:18
        Performed: Bernhard Riotlisberger clarinet/bass clarinet (Switzerland)
        Simon Andres piano (Switzerland)
        Bohdana Frolyak drymba (Ukraine)

“Flute Vers-Inversions” for flute and tape: 06:36
        Performed: Carin Levine flute (USA)
2. “Dabuba-Pa” for violin solo: 08:57
        Performed: Peter Sheppard Skaerved violin (Great Britain)
3. “From the Bottom of the Soul” for string quartet: 09:58
        Performed: LUMINA String Quartet (USA)
4. “Behind the Shadow of Sound” for violin and accordion: 10:37
        Performed: Duo CADANCE (Ukraine)
5. “EñHorn” for horn player and piano: 07:41
Performed: Olivier Darbellay horn/piano (Switzerland)
6. “Phonium-Folk” for flute, violin, cello and piano: 09:28
        Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
7. “Memento Vitae” for small symphony orchestra: 08:46
        Performed: GSMD Small Symphony Orchestra (Great Britain)
        Conductor Alessandro Timossi (Great Britain)
8. “The Riot” for wind ensemble and percussions: 11:27
        Performed: GSMD Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Great Britain)
        Conductor Peter Gane (Great Britain)
9. “The Trap for Two” for soprano saxophone and alto saxophone: 06:58
        Performed: Guy Goethals soprano saxophone (Luxemburg)
        Leana Sealy alto saxophone (Luxemburg)
10. “…herbarium... music of recalls…” violin, viola and cello: 08:40
        Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
11. “Synopsis of Symmetries” for flute, violin, viola and cello: 11:12
        Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)

1. “In B”
for clarinet/soprano saxophone: 04:14
        Performed: Rok-Hyun Kwon clarinet (South Korea)
2. “Gravitations” for piano: 07:27
        Performed: Yury Kot piano (Ukraine)
3. “Reminiscences”, string quartet No. 2: 12:33
Performed: THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
4. Saxophone quartet: 13:30
        Performed: KYIV SAX QUARTET (Ukraine)
5. “David's Psalms”, choral piece:
        1.“I Raise My Soul to You, My Lord” for male chorus: 06:39
        Performed: State L.Revytsky Male Chorus a cappella (Ukraine)
Cunductor Yury Kurach (Ukraine)
        2. “Oh, Lord, Why You Have Left Me?” for mixed chorus: 07:17
        Performed: State Honoured Academical Choir of Ukraine DUMKA (Ukraine)
Conductor Yevhen Savchuk (Ukraine)
6. “Five Folk Songs” for folk voice and chamber orchestra:
        1. “Rusalna”: 02:30
        2. “Today Ivana”: 03:51
        3. “Kupalochka: 02:12
        4. “I'll Set Fire to a Candel: 02:29
        5. “Sche Petrivochki Dvi Nedilochki”: 04:52
        Performed: Nina Matvienko vocal and Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine)
        Coductor Volodymyr Sirenko (Ukraine)
7. “Exlibrysy” for violin solo: 07:07
        Performed: Kathrin Rabus violin (Germany)

1. Chamber cantata
for soprano, clarinet, violin and piano: 08:12
Performed: CONTINUUM Ensemble (USA)
2. “Psalms”, cantata on verses by Pavlo Movchan: 10:40
Performed: Nina Matvienko singer (Ukraine)
State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
Conductor Valerij Matiukhin (Ukraine)
3. Saxophone quartet: 12:38
Performed: KYIV SAX QUARTET (Ukraine)
4. “Prayer” on canonic ecclesiastical texts for soprano, choir and chamber orchestra: 08:03
        Performed: Larysa Taran sîðrànî (Ukraine)
        Children chorus and symphony orchestra of Ukrainian Radio and TV (Ukraine)
Conductor Tetyana Kopylova (Ukraine)
5. Sinfonietta for 13 strings: 11:55
        Performed: State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Conductor Fedir Gluschenko (Ukraine)
6. Sonata for flute and piano: 16:33
Performed: Anatoliy Kogan flute and Natalia Tolpigo piano (Ukraine)
7. “Three Portraits”, mono-opera on verses by L.Kostenko (in Ukrainian) for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra: 16:26
Performed: Lidiya Bychkova mezzo-soprano (Ukraine)
        State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
Conductor Bohdan Antkiv (Ukraine)

1. “Simeon's Word”
on text by Simeon New Theologian's text for soprano and organ: 09:41
        Performed: Ludmyla Voynarovska soprano and Iryna Kalynovska organ (Ukraine)
2. “Echoes”, drama with music for soprano, violin, piano and accordion: 06:22
        Performed: Tetyana Spasskaya soprano (Ukraine)
        Natalia Lytvynova violin (Ukraine)
        Tetyana Kravchenko piano (Ukraine)
        Maksym Prokhorenko accordion (Ukraine)
3. “Mystery” for piano, trombone, double bass and vibraphone: 09:46
        Performed: PROJECT-7 Ensemble (Ukraine)
4. “The Blossom” for soprano, clarinet and accordion: 03:46
        Performed: Trio ACCROCHE NOTE (France)
5. “Serene-Sonata” for piano: 18:10
        Performed: Hans Joerg Fink piano (Switzerland)
6. “Simurg-Quintet” for 2 violins, viola, cello and piano: 14:58
        Performed: Tetyana Kravchenko piano (Ukraine) and
        THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
7. “David's Psalm 50” on canonical text for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, mixed choir: 11:25
        Performed: The KYIV Municipal Chamber Choir (Ukraine)
        Artistic director Mykola Hobdych (Ukraine)
“Sugrevushka” for soprano and women choir: 08:05
        Performed: Chamber Women Choir of Kyiv musical collåge (Ukraine)
        Artistic director Galyna Gorbatenko (Ukraine)

1. Konzertstück No.1
“Beyond the White Boundary” for octet: 08:10
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
2. Konzertstück No.2 “…and He Has Seen the Light” for octet: 10:54
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
3. “Revelations”, three pieces for accordion and violin: 07:34
        Performed: Duo CADANCE (Ukraine)
4. “Dance with Shadow”, mono-opera on verses by O.Palashek-Storozhuk (in Russian) for soprano, violin, accordion and piano: 29:49
        Alla Popova soprano (Ukraine)
        Olena Yergiyeva violin (Ukraine)
        Ivan Yergiyev accordion (Ukraine)
        Ludmyla Samodaieva piano (Ukraine)
5. “Forgotten Dances 1” for 2 cellos: 07:43
        Performed: Duo VIOLONCELLISSIMO (Ukraine)
6. “Quasi quartet no.1”
for violin, 2 cellos and piano: 11:28
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
7. “Maria Magdalena. Three Temptations”
for 2 cellos and piano: 13:26
        Performed: Ludmyla Samodaieva piano (Ukraine) and
        Duo VIOLONCELLISSIMO (Ukraine)

Symphony No.1 “A casual gift, a vain gift, life, what are you given me for?” (A.S.Pushkin) for symphony orchestra: 26:53
        Performed: Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine)
        Conductor Vyacheslav Blinov (Ukraine)
2. “Tumult” in memory of Nadia Zhuravs'ka and Viktor Freydman for alto flute, viola and piano: 12:33
        Serhiy Laptev flute (Ukraine)
        Iya Komarova
viola (Ukraine)
        Aliona Tomlionova piano (Ukraine)
3. “Slice of the Sky”, triptych for soprano, string quartet and piano: 11:17
        Natalia Yutesh soprano (Ukraine)
        Aliona Tomlionova piano (Ukraine)
        THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
4. Sonata for cello and piano: 14:01
        Performed: Sergiy Scholz cello (Ukraine)
        Aliona Tomlionova piano (Ukraine)
5. “Deo Volentum” for tuba and string quartet: 09:46
        Performed: Sergejus Kirsenko tuba (Lithuania)
        THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)

1. “Dorian's Fate”
, chamber opera, libretto by Serhij Stupak (in Ukrainian) after Oscar Wilde's “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, in 2 acts for soprano, contratenor, tenor, baritone, bass and chamber orchestra: 34:40
Dorian: Femmi Moustafaev tenor (Ukraine)
        Basil: Valery Bourmister baritone (Ukraine)
        Henry: Taras Konoschenko bass (Ukraine)
        Sebila: Inna Malaja soprano (Ukraine)
        Ghost: Svitlana Dushka soprano (Ukraine)
        Ensemble of Soloists of Ukraine KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Ñonductor Volodymyr Sirenko (Ukraine)
2. “Zwischen Zwei Feuern” (“Between Two Fires”), mini-mono-opera, libretto by Serhij Stupak and Karmella Tsepkolenko (in German) after Hermann Hesse's “Der Steppenwolf” for percussion quartet, bass clarinet (or tenor saxophone) and female voice: 21:37
        Tetyana Spasska
soprano (Ukraine)
        Ihor Bily saxophone (Ukraine)
        Quartet of percussion of Kyiv National Opera and Ballet Theatre (Ukraine)
3. “Concerto-Drama” for piano and large orchestra: 34:15
        Tetyana Andrievska-Bodenchuk
piano (Ukraine)
        Symphonic Orchestra of Radio and TV of Ukraine (Ukraine)
        Conductor Mykola Dyadiura (Ukraine)
4. “Memorial Symphony” for symphony orchestra: 19:35
        Performed: Zaporizs'ky Symphonic Orchestra (Ukraine)
        Conductor Volodymyr Kulbaka (Ukraine)
5. “Symphonic Diptych” for symphony orchestra: 7:43
        Performed: Lviv Symphonic Orchestra (Ukraine)
        Conductor Ihor Simovych (Ukraine)
6. “Alles, Ausser - Was Noch Alles Ist...”, chamber symphony for chamber orchestra: 09:59
        Performed: Ensemble of Soloists of Ukraine KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
Conductor Valerij Matiukhin (Ukraine)
7. “Parallels”, chamber symphony No.1 for chamber orchestra: 22:10
        Performed: Ensemble of Soloists of Ukraine KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Conductor Valerij Matiukhin (Ukraine)
8. “Ausgang” (“Exit”), cantata on verses by P.Tychyna (in Ukrainian), A.Blok (in Russian), Th.Fontane (in German), G.Apollinaire (in French), E.E.Cummings (in English) for female voice, clarinet, accordion and piano: 13:59
        Performed: Ensemble KLANGHEIMLICH (Switzerland)
“Grief about a Skomorokh”, cantata on verses by Vladimir Razhnikov (in Russian) for mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, cembalo, violin and cello: 11:38
        Performed: Ludmyla Grynchenko mezzo-soprano (Ukraine)
        State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Conductor Fedir Gluschenko (Ukraine)
10. “History of the Flute-Puritan” for flute, oboe, cembalo, violin and cello: 15:18
        Performed: Ensemble PASTORAL (Ukraine)
11. “Aum-Quintet” for tenor saxophone, mezzo-soprano (without words), piano, violin and cello: 13:54
        Performed: State Ensemble of Soloists KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
        Conductor Valerij Matiukhin (Ukraine)
12. “Infinitely Identical Suns” for flute, clarinet, percussion (w-bl, 4ttom, 3bng, gng, pto-ssp, mar), piano, violin and cello: 12:43
        Performed: ensemble für neue musik zürich (Switzerland)
13. “Die Tür Sperrangelweit Auf” (“The Door Opened to the Limit”) for clarinettist (cl/b-cl/sen-plates/bng), pianist (p/v) and cellist (vc/tbi-di-bmb/tbi-di-vtr/w-bl): 14:00
        Performed: Ensemble KLANGHEIMLICH (Switzerland)
14. “Wenn Die Kette Zerrisse, Fände Sie Bestimmt Nicht Alle Perlen Wieder” (“When the Chain Would Break, It Certainly Could Not Find All Pearls Again”) for tenor saxophone, percussion (vbr, 4ttom, sen-plates), accordion and double bass: 08:51
        Performed: Ensemble WIENER COLLAGE (Austria)
15. “Princess”, performance for flutist (pic/fl/a-fl/b-fl) and string quartet: 29:05
        Performed: Carin Levine flute (USA) and
        THE HARMONIES OF THE WORLD Ensemble (Ukraine)
16. Quartet for Saxophones: 09:41
        Performed: KYIV SAX QUARTET (Ukraine)
17. “Glorification of the Four Elements” for string quartet: 12:19
        Performed: LYSENKO QUARTET (Ukraine)
18. Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano:06:56
        Performed: Yury Vasylevych clarinet (Ukraine)
        Serhiy Tsiupko
bassoon (Ukraine)
        Volodymyr Voronchuk
piano (Ukraine)
19. “Duel-Duo No.1” for trumpet and tuba: 02:10
Performed: Oleksandr Gerasymenko trumpet and Dmytro Naumov tuba (Russia)
20. “Duel-Duo no.2” for violin and cello (ed.: 1995): 4:40
        Performed: Natalia Lytvynova violin, Sergiy Scholz cello
21. “Duel-Duo No.4” for oboe and piano: 06:06
        Performed: Peter Veale oboe (New Zealand)
        James Avery piano (USA)
22. “Duel-Duo No.5” for violin and accordion: 08:27
        Performed: Duo CADENCE (Ukraine)
23. “Duel-Duo No.6” for two violas: 07:48
        Performed: Paul Silverthorne viola (Great Britain)
        Andriy Viytovych viola (Ukraine/Great Britain)        
24. “Duel-Duo No.7”
for clarinet and piano: 8:38
        Performed: Ensemble KLANGHEIMLICH (Switzerland)
25. “Duel-Duo No.7”
for clarinet and piano: 09:32
Performed: Vitalij Voznjak clarinet (Ukraine/ Switzerland)
        Tetyana Kravchenko
piano (Ukraine)
26. “Royal Flush” - “Card Game No.1” for violin, cello and piano: 07:01
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
27. “Evening Solitaire” - “Card Game No.2” for piano: 08:36
        Performed: Werner Barho piano (Germany)
28. “Evening Solitaire” - “Card Game No.2” for piano: 6:49
        Performed: Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano (Ukraine)
29. “Night Preference” - “Card Game No.3” for flute (or clarinet), percussion (pto-ssp, 3bng), organ (or piano) and cello: 09:56
Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
30. “Drei Stücke” (“Three Pieces”) (1. “Das tanzende Herz”, 2. “Fragment”, 3. “Die Uhr”) on verses by Rainer Brambach (in German) for bass baritone and piano: 06:47
        Performed: Rupert Bergmann baritone (Austria)
        Paul Harris piano (Austria)
31. “Expectation of Changes”, vocal cycle on verses by Vladimir Razhnikov (in Russian) for mezzo-soprano and piano: 09:48
        Performed: Ludmyla Grinchenko mezzo-soprano and
        Tetyana Poroshyna
piano (Ukraine)
32. “Black Moon Cycle” for violin and piano: 13:30
Performed: Souren Hakhnazaryan violin and Gayane Hakhnazaryan piano (Armenia)
33. “Self Reflection No.1”, performance for piano and tape: 08:08
        Performed: Karmella Tsepkolenko piano (Ukraine)
34. “Self Reflection No.2”, performance for tape: 04:18
35. “Far from the Crowd” for accordion: 06:39
        Performed: Ivan Yergiyev accordion (Ukraine)
36. “Paysage Solo” for piano: 06:56
        Performed: Werner Barho piano (Germany)
37. “Feeling of Solitude”
for oboe: 07:51
Performed: Bohdan Galasyuk oboe (Ukraine)
38. “Solo-Solissimo No.1” for violin solo: 7:29
        Performed: Peter Sheppard Skaerved violin (Great Britain)
39. “Solo-Solissimo No.2”
, piano piece for the right hand: 04:07
Performed: Karmella Tsepkolenko piano (Ukraine)
40. “The Light, Which Is in You Is Not Darkness?” for organ:08:28
        Performed: Lyudmila Kamelina organ (Tatarstan)
41. “Tonocolori (“Color Sounds”), piano pieces for children: 09:16
Performed: Boris Bloch piano (Germany)
42. “Vergessener Völker Müdigkeiten... Friedhofstück” (“Forgotten Peoples' Exhaustions… Cemetery piece”) for accordionist [ac/v/prc – 2 bng, (or hengereg, bng), w-bl] and video show (photos of cemeteries from the territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire Royal Monarchy by Christoph Lingg): 13:50
        Performed: Ivan Yergiyev (Ukraine)
43. “Ca-Ri-N Sounds” for flute: 06:34
        Performed: Carin Levine flute (USA)
44. “Out of the Blues” for piano: 05:12
Performed: James Avery piano (USA)
45. “Out of the Blues” for piano: 05:52
        Performed: Marcel Worms piano (The Netherlands)

1. “Ritornelli”
for piano: 06:19
        Performed: Yevgen Gromov piano (Ukraine)
2. “Distanzierung” for 2 cellos: 08:02
        Performed: Duo VIOLONCELLISSIMO (Ukraine)
3. “Irrlicht” for solo cello: 06:59
        Performed: Matthias Lorenz cello (Germany)
4. “Xing” for trombone, percussion, piano and double bass: 09:45
        Performed: Ensemble PROJECT-7 (Ukraine)
5. “The End of the Game or Provocations” for clarinet, piano, violin and cello: 06:53
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
6. “Waterdreams” for trombone, percussion, improvising saxophone and pantomime: 12:09
        Performed: Ivo Nilsson trombone (Sweden)
        Jonny Axelsson percussion (Sweden)
        Pieere-Stéphane Meugé saxophone (France)
7. “As Soon as Possible...” for oboe solo: 04:24
Performed: Bohdan Galasyuk oboe (Ukraine)

“Choven” for violin (or flute), clarinet and cello: 09:14
        Performed: The FRESCOS Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine)
2. “Et Dans un Long Tournoiement J'entrerai Dedans L'etang Celeste...” for bassoon, clarinet/clarinet bass, double bass and tape: 10:37
        Performed: Ensemble COURT-CIRCUIT (France)
3. “Numbers and Wind” (“Drawings by Memory”), chamber opera on verses by M.Vorobjov (in Ukrainian) (3 voices, fl, cl, fg, cr, tn, prc - 2, p, vn, vl, vc, cb): 48:37
        Inna Galatenko soprano (Ukraine)
        Natalka Polobynka mezzo-soprano (Ukraine)
        Victor Davydenko baritone (Ukraine)
        Ensemble of Soloists of Ukraine KAMERATA KYIV (Ukraine)
Conductor Petro Tovstukha (Ukraine)
“To Escape, to Breathe, to Keep Silence”, electronic music for audio-video installation for voice, electroviolin, piano and computer: 45:03
        Natalka Polovynka voice (Ukraine)
        Serhiy Okhrimchuk electroviolin (Ukraine)
        Petro Tovstukha piano (Ukraine)
        Alla Zagaykevych computer (Ukraine)

Produced by: Association New Music (Odessa, Ukraine)

Printed in Germany, 2003