Svyatoslav Lunyov


Born April 19, 1964 in Kyiv (Ukraine).
Graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1986). In 1993 he graduated from Kyiv State P.Tchaikovsky Conservatoire (composition class with Prof. Levko Kolodub). Since 1998 he is a post-graduate student at the National Music Academy of Ukraine.
1993-1999 - composition teacher at Children Arts School 2 (Kyiv).
Since 1999 - a lecturer at the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Music Information Technologies Department).
AWARDS: Competition of the 2nd International Youth Music Forum (3rd Prize), (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1993). L.Revutsky Prize of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine (1997). He is member of the Ukrainian Composers' Union.
His compositions were performed at the following festivals:
- 2nd - 5th International Youth Music Forums, (1993-1998, Kyiv, Ukraine)
- 5th-11th "Music Premieres of the Season" Festivals, (1994-2000, Kyiv, Ukraine)
- 6th "Mystets'ke Berezillya" International Festival, (1997, Kyiv, Ukraine)
- 8th - 11th Kyiv -Music-Fest (1997-2000, Kyiv, Ukraine)
- 6th "Contrasts" International Contemporary Music Festival, (2000, Lviv, Ukraine)
Among the performers of his compositions: National Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Kyiv State Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine), Kyiv Symphony-Pop Orchestra (Ukraine), National Radio Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Camerata Kyiv Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine), "Kyiv" Municipal Choir (Ukraine), National Culture University Choir (Ukraine), Ricochet Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine), conductors Vyacheslav Blinov (Ukraine), Volodymyr Syrenko (Ukraine), Veronique Laqroix (Canada).


"Koans" for bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion : 18'
"Hra Vitru" (The Play of the Wind) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn : 15'
"Euphony" for violin, viola, cello : 15'
"Sonata-collapse" for piano : 4' - (MP3)
"Triad" for organ, piano, strings : 20' - (MP3)
"Rehearsal of Orchestra" for chamber orchestra : 6'
"Libera me" for high voice and organ : 10'
"Lethargy" for symphony orchestra : 12'
"Echolalia" for 2 Cellos : 18'
"Bad Tempered Songs", 25 songs on verses by L. Carroll for voice and chamber orchestra : 60'
"The Book of Kingdoms", music to the film "The Destiny of Its Own.The Dream" for chamber orchestra : 35'
"Cantus Aeternus" on canonical texts (in Latin ) for mixed choir : 40'
"Music to Hear", "Wreath of Sonatas" (4 Sonatas) after 8th Sonnet by W.Shakespeare for piano : 50'
"Symphonic Stanzas" for symphony orchestra : 25'
"Diptych" for mixed choir : 9'
"Black Trio" on verses by I. Brodsky for baritone, cello, piano : 12'
"Process" for piano solo and symphony orchestra : 30'