Tatyana Kravchenko


   Born July 14, 1970 (Odessa, Ukraine)
   1977-1988 - studied piano with Kuvarzina T.A. in Odessa P.Stoliarsky Special Music School. She graduated from the Odessa A.V.Nezhdanov State Conservatoire (Prof. V.Ya.Dashkovsky, 1993). Since 1993 T.Kravchenko is the accompanist of the Solo Song Chair and a Prof. of the Chamber ensemble of Odessa A.V.Nezhdanov State Conservatoire. During 1991-1998 she was the soloist of the Ensemble of contemporary music “FRESCOS”.
   Tatyana Kravchenko is the winner of the Beethoven Chamber Ensembles Competition (1990,Odessa, Ukraine). She participated in the VIth International Competition of the Chamber Ensembles (Japan, 1992). She has been awarded with the 2nd prize in the 6th International Competition of Chamber Ensembles (Casale Monferrato, Italy, 1996). T.Kravchenko performs solo programs and as a member of ensembles such as “Harmonies of the World” and “Freiburg Ensemble of Percussionists”, etc.
   She has been involved in the contemporary music for a long time, participated in many festivals of modern music in Ukraine as well as abroad. From 1995 she participates in the “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” International Festival of Modern Art -Odessa, Ukraine, “Musicfest”(1993-1995) - Kyiv, Ukraine. Among foreign festivals are the following: “The Days of New Music” - Moldova (1993, 2001), Europe-Asia - Russia, Tatarstan (1993) and “Sound Ways” - Russia (1994). Participated in the master-classes in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (chamber ensemble - Prof. G.Fedorenko and Prof. A.Bondurianskiy, 1992), St. Petersburg (piano - Prof. O. Malov, 1994), Russian Music Academy (Moscow, Russia) and the Center ACANTHE - Avignon, France ( piano- Prof. P.L.Emar, 1997).
   Series of concerts of the modern music were performed by T.Kravchenko as a member of Ensemble “FRESCOS”: concert cycle “Perspectives” - Heilbron, Germany (1993); Mini Festival of Ukrainian Music - Warsaw, Poland (1997) - concert-portrait; Festival of Contemporary Ukrainian Art “Meta-Art” - Kyiv, Ukraine (1997) and ”Wandering Academy of Music” - Odessa, Ukraine (1997-2000). Cycle of concerts with the program of French music in Kyiv and Odessa (1995, 2000).
   During October 2000 - March 2001 - she was the guest-student (piano - Prof.J.Avery, Prof.M.Leuschner; chamber music - Prof.C.Henkel; vocal accompanist - Prof.M.Goritzki) in the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik ( Freiburg, Germany).
   Tatyana Kravchenko has a number of recordings in radio and TV-stations.