Ivan Yergiyev

   Born in Odessa, 1960, he graduated from Odessa Conservatoire under Prof. V.Evdokimov and completed his postgraduate studies at Kiev Conservatoire under Prof. N.Davydov. He won numerous awards, including the KLINGENTHAL INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF ACCORDION SOLOISTS Prize (Germany) and the International Competition GRAND PRIX (France). In 1995, he won the Grand Prix of the performers of new chamber music competition ORPHEUS PRIZE (Antwerp, Belgium). He has performed recitals at a number of International Festivals in Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium, Tatarstan, Mongolia, Russia, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. He is presently a Professor of accordion at Odessa Conservatoire.


I contemporary and new music
(*pieces had been written and dedicated to I. Yergiyev).
1. K.Tsepkolenko “Far from the crowd” 1994 (Ukraine, Odessa)
2. L.Samodaijewa “Quasi sonata” 1995 (Ukraine, Odessa)
3. O. Shmidt “Toccata” (Denmark)
4. B. Precz “Preambula &Toccata” (Poland)
5. K.Shwaen “Scherzo infernale” (Germany)
6. S. Berinsky “L`amour” (Russia)
7. M. Shmotova “Grafhigue”(Russia)
8. A. Nordheim “Flashing” (Norway)
9. S. Gubydullina “Light and dark” (Russia)
10. G. Katzer “En avent, ou!” (Germany)
11. B. van Beurden “Coup mondaile” (The Netherlands)
12. Tera de Marez Oyens “Boctmusic” (The Netherlands)
13. J. Ter Veldhuis “Mandala” (The Netherlands)
14. J. Ter Veldhuis 'Angel' (The Netherlands)
15. A. Van Belle “A window, and a flower in a Gage” (Belgium)
16. R. De Smat “Drie impromptus” ( Belgium)
17. J.Luc Brewayes “Il fiume del tempo 7 passava….”(Belgium)
18. M.Verhaegen “Reminiscencias para acordeon” (Belgium)
19. A. Astier “Fantasia in E” (France)
20. A.Piazzolla “Adios Nonino” ((France)
21. A. Kusiyakov “Sonata 1” (Russia)
22. V. Zubizky “Karpatian suite” (Ukraine)
23. A. Beloshitsky “Partita 3 (in traditional jazz improv.)” (Ukraine)
24. V. Semijonov “Don rapsodia” (Russia)
25. A. Pushkarenko “Sonata 1 ”(Russia)
26. K.Tsepkolenko “Vergessener Vol Ker Mu…..” 2000 (Ukraine)
27. J. Tamulionis “Bachvision”

II Classical music
28. J.-S. Bach - “Organ preludiom”& fuga d-moll (BWV 539)
29. J.-S. Bach - “Toccata & fuga ” d-moll (BWV 565)
30. J.-S. Bach - “Fantasia & fuga”g-moll (BWV 578)
31. J.-S. Bach – “Fuga g-moll” (BWV 578)
32. J.-S. Bach – “Toccata e- moll” (for klavir)
33. J.-S. Bach – “CHROMATICH fantasia & fuga”
34.35.36 D.Scharlatti “3 sonatas in E”
35. M. Reger “Toccata” (op. 59, ¹5)
36A.Borodin “Nocturne ”(from little suite for piano)
37. M. Musorgsky “Pictures of exibitions”
39. S. Rachamaninov Preludium cis-moll
40. S. Rachamaninov Serenade
41.A.Rubinstane “Russkaya Trepak”
42.I.Stravinsky “Maslenitza”
43.D.Shostacovitch “Prelude & fuga”
44.A.Novikov “Paraphrasa on Kossaken song”
45.Y.Peskov “Black eyes”

III Accordion solo + chamber orchestra
Francis Poulenc “Concerto en sol mineur”
2.S.Gubydullina “7 words by J.Christos”
3. L.Samodaijewa *“Metamorphoses for bayan orchestra ”
4. A.Piazzolla “Hommage a liege”
5. B. De Smet * “Concerto for baya and orchestra”
“Fine of the cirele”

IV Accordion + symphonic orchestra
Tera de Makes Oyens “Linzerconcert”