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The 10th festival: 23-25 April 2004  REVIEW   PARTICIPANTS   PROGRAMME   PHOTOS 

 Festival 2004 - PROGRAMME 


Wednesday (April, 21)

| Werner Barho
Caspar René Hirschfeld
Lebenfries (Frieze of Life) Music in 5 parts after poems Edvard Munch | Einsamkeit (Lonelines). Angst (Fear). Begehren (Desire). Tod (Dead). Liebe (Love).

| Odessa Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Artistic director and conductor Ihor Shavruk
Pehr Henrik Nordgren Concerto for strings in 3 Parts: I Premonitions of bad days (Moderato) | II Dance away your worries! (Allegro con passione) | III A be lated prayer for a achieving fulfillment (Moderato)
Vadim Larchikov Mystery II. The Precious and Life-giving Cross for two cellos and string orchestra (world premiere)
Oleksandr Rovenko
Game for open strings and timpani (Alarm, Song and Dance) (world premiere)
Anton Ruppert Stille Stück for singing saw and chamber orchestra
Soloists: Olga Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello, Vadym Borodin.percussion, Anneliese Ruppert singing saw
Conductors: Ihor Shavruk, Bernhard Wulff

Thursday (April, 22)

| Jozhef Ermin Contemporary music of Poland and Ukraine
Grazyna Bacewicz Sonate No.2
Andrzej Nikodemowicz Six Meditations
Volodymyr Runchak "Hallo M.K.", in three Parts. COntemporary sonoRe Norma
(Dedicated of Maurizio Kagel)
: I Lyric song - "the after-dinner rest of the mosquito" | II Open form - "death of a hedgehog" | III Variations - "repeat second part (an encore) few times"
Oleksandr Opanasiuk Sonate No.3
Grazyna Bacewicz
Three Grotesks
Witold Lutoslawski Two Etudes
Concert is realized within the Year of the Polish Culture in Ukraine
Concert sponsored by Polish Institute in Kiev

18.00 CONCERT-PRELUDE II | State Ensemble Of Soloists Kamerata Kyiv
Artistic director and conductor Valerij Matiukhin
Karmella Tsepkolenko
Chamber Symphony No.3 (world premiere)
Yuriy Ishchenko Presentiment of Spring for chamber ensemble
Zoltan Almashi Extended Life for chamber ensemble
Jaroslav Vereshchagin Three Dedications for flute, oboe and bassoon
Jevhen Stankovych As if fine drops of froth from stars. Symphony No.8




KONZERT-SZENE 1 | Symphony 1
INTRADA | Kevin Volans She who sleeps with a small blanket
Performed by: Guillaume Chastel percussion
I and II Parts | The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Vienna
Christoph Herndler
Das Ganze, Das Zwischen for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Nader Mashayekhi Heiligenstadter Testament for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Performed by: Silvia Gelos flute, Barbara Schuch clarinet, Florian Wilscher violin, Aleksandar Timotic cello, Gustavo Balanesco piano

18.00 The Vocal Quartet Vox
Rashid Kallimoullin
Windsor Forest by poems Alexander Pope
Per Nørgård Overstaaet Angst (Anxiety overcome) by poems Halfdan Rasmussen | Groen sang (Green Song) by poems Eric Knudsen | Lykkestrejf by poems Thorkild Bjørnvig
Arne Mellnäs Saasom spegelbilden (As the picture in the mirror) | Baettre aer (better is) | En kyss (A kiss) from the Bible
François Sarhan Oh, Nuncle
Performed by: Ulrika Åhlén Axberg soprano, Katarina Lundborg mezzo soprano, Tore Sunesson tenor, Matts Johansson baritone

| Sergiy Zazhitko Dancing for oboe and piano
Performed by: Bohdan Golosiuk oboe, Dmytro Tavanets piano

PRESENTATION of the EXHIBITION by Y.Novikov/Y.Matveyev

19.30 DUEL-DUO I | Berliner Klavierduo: Linde Grossmann piano, Stanislav Widulin piano
Hermann Keller
Suite for two Pianists (Intrada. Nocturne. Rondo. Epilog.)
Reinhold Friedl Epitaph II
Alain Louvier Quatre preludes for prepared piano

20.00 Trio Avalon
Laurent Mettraux
Trio (world premiere)
Oleksandr Shchetynsky Crosswise for clarinet and cello
Victoria Poleva Numbers for solo piano
Sergiy Pilyutykov Pastorale for clarinet solo
Gion Antoni Derungs Trio op. 159 | andante-animato (tema) | espressivo (motivo) | animato (suoni e movimento)
Performed by: Rita Karin Meier clarinet, Hans Jörg Fink piano, Luzius Gartmann cello

21.00 MEETING The Harmonies of the World
Ashot Zohrabyan
Narcissus. String Quartet No.1
Mikhail BronnerTomorrow will be better than yesterday for violin, cello and accordion (world premiere)
Sanja Drakulic Roaming for string quartet (world premiere)
Julia Gomelskaya DiaDem for violin and cello
Hanna Havrylets Expressions. String Quartet No.3 (world premiere)
Performed by: Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:
Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello, artistic director, Gennadiy Komarov accordion

| Stephan Vermeersch clarinet/bass clarinet
Petra Vermote
Erosion for bass clarinet
Henri Pousser Madrigal I for clarinet
Volodymyr Runchak v.runchak.b.clari@net for clarinet (world premiere of version)
Lubby Larsen Dancing Solo for clarinet
Levko Kolodub Ukrainian Mosaic for clarinet
Violeta Dinescu Lichtweilen for bass clarinet

22.30 SOLO-MOMENTO | Werner Barho piano | Portraits of Women Composers in miniatures
Margaret Lucy Wilkins
Study in Black and White
Ruth Schonthal Gestures
Violeta Dinescu Torre di Si
Karmella Tsepkolenko Solo-Momento No.1
Barbara Heller Piano music for W.B. (world premiere)

23.00 ENTRAC'TE-FANTASY II | Aliona Tomlionova Three Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke for soprano, corno and piano (world premiere)
Performed by: Natalia Yutesh soprano, Anatoliy Pastukhov corno, Aliona Tomlionova piano

23.30 DUEL-DUO II | Elena Càsoli guitar, Jürgen Ruck guitar
Bruno Dozza Ballata. Musica immaginata per un quadro di Sandro Botticelli
Vadim Larchikov Tristia for guitar solo (world premiere)
Maurizio Pisati Poema della luce. Grande elegia da concerto for guitar solo
Klaus Ospald El Sol No Nos Recuerde (world premiere of version)


| Symphony 2
I Part | Video-dance performance | Ute-Victoria Kilter Knee. Dedicated to all surgeons
Performed by: League Level 14: Ute-Victoria Kilter and others
II Part | Ensemble Surplus
Chaya Czernowin
Ina for amplified bass flute and 6 flutes on tape
Sven-Ingo Koch Tonopah, Page (Reisebeschreibung 1) (world premiere) for violoncello and piano
Dieter Schnebel Modelle. Anschläge – Ausschläge | Stage variations for three instrumentalists (flute, harpsichord, cello)
Performed by: Martina Roth flute, Beverly Ellis cello, James Avery piano, harpsichord, artistic director
III Part | Video-music performance | Gisela Weimann Opera for Four Buses - The Mobile Opera Stage | Music by Georg Katzer, Patrick Kosk, Natalia Pshenichnikova, Melvyn Poore, Friedrich Schenker
IV Part | Sergey Belimov Multicordes for 31 cordepianos (for cordepiano solo and
30 cordepianos in the tape)
Performed by:
Duo Cordepiano: Elysabeth Merx cordepiano, Sergey Belimov cordepiano


| Symphony 3
I and II Parts | The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Vienna
Osvaldas Balakauskas
Quartet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Wolfgang Mitterer Idee Fixe for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and tape
Performed by: Silvia Gelos flute, Barbara Schuch clarinet, Florian Wilscher violin, Aleksandar Timotic violoncello, Gustavo Balanesco piano
II² Part | SOLO-SOLISSIMO II | Maurizio Barbetti viola
Giacinto Scelsi Manto I
Karmella Tsepkolenko Solo-Momento No.3
Luca Lombardi
Salvatore Sciarino Ai Limiti Della notte
Andrea Talmelli Study No.2 su Klinamen for viola and tape
Bernd Aloiz Zimmerman
Janathan Harvey Chant

| Hansjörg Koch piano, Candida Schlabach-Uhl mezzo soprano
Peter Förtig Four Poems by William Butler Yeats | Blood and the Moon 1. Blood and the Moon 3. Oil and Blood. Veronika's Napkin.
Ivan Eröd Vier Gesänge (Four Singings): Nachst vorm Haus (Osip Mandelshtam) | O Himmel, Himmel (Osip Mandelshtam) | Keine Halme mehr (Sergey Esenin) | Blaue Himmelsschüssel (Sergey Esenin)
Otfried Büsing
Three nonsense Songs: Jabberwocky (Lewis Carrol). Ipecuanha (George Cunning). The table and the chair (Edwar Lear)
Julia Gomelskaya
Waiting on verses by Jennie Fontana

TOGETHER with Ivan Yergiyev
Ludmyla Samodaieva My Gogol for accordionist and violinist (accordion, violin, percussion)
Jacob ter Veldhuis Mandala for accordion solo (world premiere)
Volodymyr Runchak
Kyrie eleison for accordion and violin (world premiere of version)
Sofia Gubaidulina Tatarian Dance for accordion and two double-bass
Performed by: Duo Cadence: Ivan Yergiyev accordion, Olena Yergiyeva violin
and Volodymyr Tchekaliuk double-bass, Ivan Zavgorodniy double-bass

19.00 PICTURING The Frescos
Darija Andovska Illuminations for violin, two cellos and bassoon (world premiere of version)
Ylo Krigul Asylum for violin and piano
Alla Zagaykevych Gravitation for two cellos
Vinko Globokar Dos a dos for violin and bassoon
Vlastislav Matousek
Sansara for accordion, bassoon, violin and cello
Performed by: The Frescos Contemporary Music Ensemble:
Sergiy Khudyakov bassoon, Roman Korentsvit accordion, Yaroslav Revutsky violin, Olga Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello, artistic director, Elena Chumachenko piano
and Duo Violoncellissimo: Olga Veselina cello, Vadim Larchikov cello

Tetyna Kravchenko
piano, Volodymyr Murza accordion
Anton Ruppert piano, Anneliese Ruppert voice, singing saw
Sergey Kolmanovsky
piano, Oleksandr Murza balalaika
Alexander Radvilovitch Sfinks for piano and accordion
Svyatoslav Lunyov
Sonate No.2 for piano
Guenter Bilias Weiden wie wogen, wogen wie weiden for singing saw
Anton Ruppert Noñturne for singing saw, voice and piano
Sergey Kolmanovsky Myertvye dushi (Dead souls) (world premiere) (A concert humorous suite in the lubok style by the same name poem of Nikolay Gogol in 6 parts for balalaika and piano): Hymn to balalaika. Chichikov. Manilov. Pliushkin. Sobakevich. Nozdrev

21.00 The Vocal Quartet Vox
François Sarhan
Such is Life by poems Edward Lear
Julia Gomelskaya Winter Pastoral by poems Boris Pasternak (world premiere)
Fredrik Österling Tyst aer det rum by poems Paer Lagerkvist
Sven-Eric Johanson Det aer naagot bortom bergen (There is something
beyond the mountains
by poems Dan Andersson
Sven-Eric Johanson Det aer vackrast naer det skymmer (Beauty is most at twilight's close) by poems Paer Lagerkvist
Matjas Seiber Nonsense Songs
Kim Hedås part from Sommar och snö (Summer and Snow) by poems Kristina Lugn
François Sarhan Four Short Pieces
Matts Johansson Quodlibet from Swedish folk tunes
Fredrik Österling Etude sentimentale (excerpt from Paul Verlaine)
Performed by: Ulrika Åhlén Axberg soprano, Katarina Lundborg mezzo soprano, Tore Sunesson tenor, Matts Johansson baritone

22.00 DUEL-DUO IV | Franceska Deriu piano, Andrea Bini percussion
Ignacio Baca-Lobera Cinqo movimentos
Maurucio Kagel Der Eid des Hippocrates for piano three-hands
Osvaldo Coluccino Aeris
Karmella Tsepkolenko Duel-Duo No. 9

23.00 PORTRAIT of Zygmunt Krauze
Refrain for piano
Nightmare Tango for piano
Stone Music for piano
Chanson du mal aimé for piano
Gloves Music for piano
Piano Quintet
Performed by: Zygmunt Krauze piano
and Ensemble The Harmonies of the World:
Natalia Lytvynova violin, Leonid Piskun violin, Iya Komarova viola, Sergey Scholz cello, artistic director


| Symphony 4
I and II Parts | Ensemble Senza Sforzando
Vytautas Germanavicius NIDAMANNGRIEG SONATE for violin, cello and piano
Francis Schwartz Songs of Loneliness, a song cycle for voice, violin, clarinet, piano and participating public (Texts by Josemilio González, Miguel de Ferdinandy, Anna Akhmatova, Jorge Luis Borges, Allen Ginsberg)
Performed by: Ihor Zakharchenko clarinet, Julia Timakova mezzo soprano, Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior piano, artistic director, Oleksiy Gove violin, Evhen Dovbush cello
I²² Part | Sani Nicola from Isola Prima "Non tutte le isole hanno intorno il mare" for viola and tape
Performed by: Maurizio Barbetti viola

1. Gate | A journey from historical impressions | Over contemporary exchange to a vision of new departure | A fusion of music, dance and projection
Performed by: Bea&Muk: Bea Schrader dancer, Andreas Haider (aka muk) visual art


2. Moments Imprevus
Performed by: Trio Frissons: Christian Billian electro-guitar, Théophile Bonhert double bass, Guillaume Chastel percussion

03.00 THE END